Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer days, driftin' away

These pictures aren't real school photos I took them just now. I don't know why a student would carry a grease vinyl around with them but they should so there is logic behind why I have it you see! I tried to go for gothic and american vibes. The pink folder with rollerskates is one that I decorated, and my fortune teller notebook and my small tartan book are the ones I take to school/everywhere with me. Poncho £3.50 from the Salvation army and denim jacket £20 from Rokit, I added the flag patch in March, and it's from Etsy.

This is my locker at school - It has even more stuff on it now and looks even awesomer. I'll update the picture when I take another. Yep that is my zine there that I've decided to keep in school so I can photocopy it when I need to (for free).

So I went back to school last week and it's sort of expected for us ~teenz~ to hate it. I don't really but it can be sort of overwhelming sometimes if your workload is like 'will I actually ever get through this or will it keep mounting up'. But a sense of routine is good and school can be pretty hilarious. 

At my school we wear uniform, I live in England so so does everybody really. I wouldn't mind wearing it if you know, it was a cool uniform. Mine consists of a blue and white striped shirt and a navy blazer and skirt, no plaid to be seen, not even a traditional grey school skirt. Our school skirt isn't even pleated. It could be worse (probably not actually because everyone elses idea of an ugly school uniform would probably be what I find beautiful). Anyway, I think if I were american the way I dress would have evolved quicker, because you're forced daily to choose what to wear, whereas I think when 5 out of 7 days you are instructed down to the minutest details what you are to adorn yourself in it's difficult to define yourself as something else.

People in movies always tend to have cool uniforms, or if it's a non-uniform school, they still dress ultra cool. Movies and series like the Breakfast club, Freaks and Geeks, Clueless, Heathers, Twin Peaks, even the parts of Princess Diaries when they're in school uniform, Mean girls (for a dose of vomit pink early 2000s dressing) and the Virgin Suicides portray a divine imagery of high school, the whole canteen, locker hall, yellow bus, prom, bathroom make up putting on-ing and football pitch vibes thing accompany the clothes. I also feel that despite wearing their own clothes in most of these films and programmes, people do tend to wear their own kind of uniform to school, like armour to say who you are and what you like, what group you belong to, that sort of thing, showing who you identify as, I guess. 

Maybe it's just the movies that makes them seem that way but american high school DANG I want to go to one.

These pictures illustrate perfectly what I'm on about, and Petra's school style pictures here, and this Grease video.

Now for actual screencaps and gifs from actual films.


Twin Peaks.

Source Unknown.

Rock 'n' Roll High School, duh.


Also, my school is really suckish in the way that we don't have picture day every year, and the background of our pictures aren't even the classic grey/blue cloud composition, the photographer our school opt to use goes for a supposedly 'chic, modern white'. Our pictures are taken once in year 7 and once in year 10, both within the first week of the academic year. So basically you have to live with your year 7 picture even into year 9 which is cripplingly embarrassing when it accompanies your name on every register in the whole school, and then darn when you don't know it's picture day when year 10 comes around and you have to live with an awful picture for the next two years. (Both happened to me). So when I go into sixth form I will ensure I have the date in my diary so I will look proper badass, for the meantime I have the ones above.

Hope you've had a good first week back at school? The amount of homework I've had it ridiculous. I have 5 pieces to be doing now but I also needed to blog so bleugh.

Ps- Zine update. My printer ran out of ink so that delayed getting it printed a bit, but they're all enveloped up and I'm going to the post office before school tomorrow. When new ink arrives (from the interweb) I'll put it on Etsy. Sorry for the delay I know I'm super lame.


  1. I reckon the photographer-white-background-thing happens in most of the UK, ours were a couple of days ago and we did get warning, but most of us are determined to hide them from our parents so they won't buy them anyway. What I initially meant to say was: I love the photos!!! And I also get the want to go to an amarican highschool, which would be made so much better if ours were at least fancy boarding schools and we were all rich, or if we got to go to hogwarts :/

    1. I hid my year 10 one from my parents, i had one curl of hair basically vertical in it and you'd think the photographer would tell
      you but no so ot was just comical and i couldn't take it seriously. Thank you! Yes totally the stereotypical english school would be great like mallory towers but they're not and its bad. Hogwarts would be equally brilliant.

  2. those pictures of you are a-ma-zing. I love your writing style! Xxx

  3. Oh we had (for the first known time since primary school) "Form Photos" taken by a photographer who decided counting down until he clicked the shutter button was obviously beneath him, so I've got a great photo... of the side of my head.
    Also, I would eagerly swap uniforms, we have to wear bright yellow shirts...
    Love your blog! It's always amazing :) Hahaha


    PS: Your locker is particularly covetable :D

    1. Oh in our form photos last year another form lining up thought it'd be grea tto distract us so half of my class isn't looking which is brilliant! Oh dont worry I had bright yellow shorts at primary school, I've been there. Thank you!

  4. OoooooOooo I love those 'school' photos you took. WOW YOU PRETTY MUCH JUST MADE ME EXCITED FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR/INSPIRED ME FOR IT.
    Thank you.
    I live in Canada, so maybe it's kinda similar, and can I just say that the UK school aesthetic or whatever, is probably what's more glorified or viewed as idealistic. I've grown to hate those blue backgrounds. I love expressing myself 7 days a week but sometimes it gets stressful. And your uniform still sounds adooorrraabbblle.
    And I love your decorated books and locker, I think I'm gonna do that now.
    Oh, you British chicks are just so cool.


    1. Aw fab yay. Yes I agree! Even living in england and the idea of a mallory towers/hogwarts esque boarding school thats stereotyped to be rife here well they do exist but I'm not lucky enough to go to one:(((( I definitely wouldn't mind that! Yeah I see that wearing your own clothes would sometimes be horrible. I'm sort of dreading having to but looking forward to having to in sixth form next year ugh.

      Aw thank you!<3<3<3

  5. I like how you mentioned going for an American vibe because in the USA there are people, who fake having an English accent and want to be English. Also, I feel like I should decorate my locker.

    1. Really wow that's made me feel a hella lot cooler about being english not american. Yes do let's decorate the whole world!

  6. i wish i could look that good in school photos!

    1. Oh don't worry I took these 1000 times to make sure the background didnt have the bottom of my radiator in it and my face didnt look like some sort of windswept mess. I wish I could too - my year 10 picture is so so so shiny it's horrid.

  7. Love your posts, your writing, just every thing about you!! Ahhhh and you are soooo beautiful!


  8. I'm going through your blog and it keeps getting better and better, you are definitely one of my favourite bloggers. I love the yearbook photos and your cat eye glasses are so so cool. Don't feel bad about your uniform. I had to wear a yellow shirt with a giant brown jumper and wide-legged brown trousers..ewh I get nightmares just thinking about it.