Friday, November 09, 2012


We're just going to ignore the fact that I didn't blog over halloween but I didn't know what to post so I kind of ur, didn't. Today was a mufti day at school (where british kids wear their own clothes to school for the day) and I have a love/hate relationship with them. It's fun if you feel good in what you're wearing but I find it difficult to embody everything in my aesthetic preference and compress it into one outfit because mufti days are kind of rare and you can't dress how you want every day and I just want to yell to the world THIS IS THE STUFF I LIKE but it has to be succinct and within like, a couple of garments. It's difficult. Am I thinking too much into it I don't know, but because now people I think expect me to dress differently I feel like I have to and have to exert uber effort, because if I didn't people would kind of notice more. 

Anyway, I've been really into emeralds, burgundys, rusty oranges and therefore gemstones recently. I got the majority of these stones when I was little from those £1 gemstone dispenser machines in tacky gift shops. There's a broach there from a vintage shop and the wiccan/pagan-y necklace is from Ebay which was £5. The big candle was a leaving present from my old school when we left (I don't know it was a christian school) and the small candle was from a phase when I wanted loads of candles in my room when I was 7 or something and bought loads of expensive ones and then found out I wasn't allowed to actually light them. To my 7 year old self this was shattering news as I actually expected to be allowed to and so then I went on a candle buying hiatus to try and prove to my mother just how vehement and angry I was at this predicament, but kept some of the ones I already had. The green bottle was from a charity shop I guess but I can't remember. 

I wore a black and white tartan skirt today (mandatory charity shop size 18) and a velvet burgundy top with glitter specks (mandatory charity shop 18 also), my eyeball necklace that was 33p from a car boot sale, a new flower crown and black lipstick I got from Ella for my birthday back in May. I put the lipstick on this morning and wore it to school but took it off in registration to avoid questioning. It's good I guess because my form tutor said I looked like I belonged in a forest and my head of house said I looked like a christmas tree without the lipstick so their comments would have most probably been even harder to retort to if I had left it on. I re applied it at home after school though and added my pagan necklace. You can't see the colour of the top properly here but you can appreciate the glitter-y-ness of it below.

My 70s marble mirror is probably one of my favourite things and it was £2 from a charity shop.

My amazing necklaces that I <3 <3 <3 and the glitter t shirt I wore underneath the velvet one because the neckline was horrendously low and I actually wore the top back to front all day because it was so low.

Fabrics and cool colours and glitter n stuff.

This is the flower crown I made at 1 o clock in the morning yesterday (but actually it was today?) hanging on my wardrobe handles. It's made of two bunches of flowers that I bought in conjunction with the burgundy top because I thought the colours were harmonious and they were in the same charity shop.

 I didn't know what I was going to wear to mufti day until the early morning and led sprawled out on my bed procrastinating for two hours prior to having to actually having to decide and then I finally did at midnight and realised I hadn't actually made the crown yet so it was like a late night crafting session in silence as to not alert anyone that I was wielding wire/chopping artificial stems from the bouquet/trying to attach party bag ribbon and fashion an actual headband.

Anyway, it's the weekend now and I'm going to london tomorrow for my sister's birthday. I think we're going to the V & A too. Also everyone discovered that our January exam timetables for GCSE mocks are on our school website now and everyone is freaking out so I am too and I have 3 science modules in January on top of the mocks in everything. And everyone is discussing A levels and it's all so stressful and it feels like everything to so rushed and I can't cope it's so much to be thinking about and I just want to crawl into a hole and be a cat for my life or something.


  1. I also get the the feeling of needing to make extra effort for mufti (out school is original and called it non-uniform) days once you have worn something different. It generally ends up with me repeatedly telling myself how I dress doesn't concern them and that I don't care what they think, but I am still in the process of actually believing it. We also got GCSE timetables and they really have me dreading how many exams are going to be on there for July, let alone January, cats have it so easy.

  2. This is really beyond amazing. I ended up being a slob because of being tired of people expecting me to dress in a particular way and because I was going out with some guy friend afterwards and ended up feeling really lame. All the best thrift pieces are size 18 for some reason. I was going to wear black lipstick too and ended up chickening because of the same reasons :( Also how do you do eyeliner like that? Mine always ends up smudged and clumped and too thick <3

  3. same! so much school-stress. my mind cant handle that because I can only think about photography, fashion, disign, magazines or music. frustrating. cool pictures!

  4. Such a witchy outfit I love it! And the photography is good to i like the picture of you looking in the mirror :)