Thursday, February 21, 2013

I am the girl you know, can't look you in the eye

First, I realised it was the 1st year anniversary of this blog 4 days ago. It's cool to see how much I've changed over this year and I didn't think I'd stick to it because I didn't with my previous blog but here I am. This is only my 43rd post so I really need to work on being more committed still. I have 70 odd posts on my last blog but half the page views, to compare. Anyway thank you for following/commenting/being lovely, there's nearly 200 of you now which is crazy. I'm excited to keep blogging and see where it takes me *I need to stop now or I'll puke due to cheesiness*. I have a few things coming up which are exciting and will hopefully motivate me to post more.

It's still sort of cold in England and I can't wait for it not to be coat weather because I have 3 coats and if you're wearing an outfit that doesn't go with your coat you either freeze or don't match. 

I wore this on Saturday but didn't add the boots until I got home because I bought them while I was out on Saturday. I've been finding comfort in layers recently/prefer feeling like a mountain of moving fabrics and I need to force myself out of it and be like IT IS OK TO WEAR A DRESS WITHOUT A JUMPER AND A COLLAR AND 50 NECKLACES AND TIGHTS AND AN UNDERSKIRT AND 3 PAIRS OF SOCKS.

The coat isn't quite houndstooth/dogtooth but we can pretend. The skirt is the epitome of granny skirts and my top isn't quite snakeskin patterned but close enough.

The coat is from the SA, it was £4, the jumper was a gift, my shirt was from a charity shop for £3.50, the skirt is from a charity shop years ago so I can't remember the price, the tie dye tights are H&M and the boots are from a charity shop for £7. I'm trying not to walk like dinosaur count olaf in them because they're three sizes too big and have a 3 inch heel.

 Ibe recently sent me a car package of cool stuff. The 'SUCCES' book in it is my current journal. 
Ibe also sent me a mix tape, and for lack of a better word, it is perfect.

Ok now for a slight digression, I've been increasingly obsessed recently with Jessie Cave. I think it's unhealthy to have one role model, because everyone has flaws, so I try to be inspired by a lot of different people and not totally fangirl over one person. But it's hard, guys. It's hard. Jessie played Lavender Brown in Harry Potter so you probably all know her from that but she makes sketches for her website, and I think it's the most underrated thing on the internet, I've been watching her videos since last summer or so and I'm not sure if I'm exploiting a gem of the internet or helping here. I struggle to express how good she is without being like SADSFJDGJHBNFKLH so watch the videos below (some of my favourites) and you will agree. Evanna Lynch also pops up in her videos and her dress sense is beyond. Beyond.

There are way more videos on her youtube channel, which you should definitely watch. The Ikea Girl Series is hilarious and the Flat Whites series has had me speaking in an Australian accent and calling people 'Cousin Geneva' for the past few days. No joke, I picked up the phone and said 'Hello' like it, thinking it was my mum, but it was someone from a car insurance company and he sounded really confused and I tried to play it off all cool but it didn't work. For your sake I hope you don't do this.

Hollie x


  1. Congratulations! Your blog is totally awesome and I really love it so much! <3

    I love this post. This girl in the videos has the cutest accent ever and your outfit is tha bomb, I am in love.

  2. Love the outfit, especially the skirt and coat! You've
    definitely mastered the art of layering, which I'm still
    trying to acquire *sad sob*

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  4. Glad you liked my package! I want to do a big round up post about all the stuff that I got from you (but after we sent the 'spring' package so i also can include the new things). and those socks are perfect and u look great with a fringe. <3 <3 <3

  5. That Virgin Mary candle is out of control :p

  6. such a cutie :) i want those tights!!!!!!

  7. This is such a great post, and I totally get the coat thing! Jessie Cave defines cool and I'm crying at that Olaf video. When are you dying your hair?
    Jemima xxx

  8. CONGRATULATIONNNNNS! What would I do if you gave up this blog?!? Probably shrivel up! So thank you for pursing it!