Tuesday, July 02, 2013


I am very aware that prom photos are probably very annoying - the plethora that have been uploaded into every corner of the internet from my school year alone is irritating and the stream of uploads is never ending. However, my prom was last Thursday; no one really wanted to go because we knew it would be lame. It was raining so we couldn't get photos outside either. I'm quite relieved that the entire ordeal is over and done with. I got photos developed today, so there's some film ones and some digital ones below including some photo booth ones (one of the only positives about the event). The bathroom was one of the only places with decent light!

Paige, Becky, Me. Me, Amber, Lizzie.

Me, Amber, Mary-Ann.

Me (my head looks egg shaped but i swear it's just an illusion due to my hair), Amber, Lizzie, Mary-Ann.


Paige, Becky, Me.

My dress was from a vintage shop called Clobber. I got it months ago when my mum found it (I was set on a similar mustard one). I am undecided as to whether I should sell it or not. 

This is pretty much the most narcissistic post ever, but I would feel weird putting photos of other people here (that don't already assume photos of them could be here/are fine with it). Since exams have finished I haven't really been keeping track of time. I hadn't realized that I've actually been out and done quite a lot until I wrote it all down on my phone yesterday. Also, please watch this! It's really funny and more can get made if enough people watch it (apparently). Jessie Cave is in it. 

- Hollie