Friday, March 14, 2014

slip and slide on subway grates

Hello! I have been so, so busy recently with coursework (i take 3 coursework heavy subjects) and I've had to start revising for my exams in May so I've been having to dedicate a lot of my time to that instead of to my blog. However, on Sunday, I went to London because I wanted to go to the Tate Modern for my art project - my exam project is called 'Coloured Glass' and the Structure and Clarity floor there at the moment seemed really relevant to it when I was looking for artists on the Tate website. I wanted to see the 3D/perspex/multi media stuff in real life too because it's kind of hard to visualize it from a flat photo. 

I dragged my mum out to Islington in the morning to go to the Camden Passage and to The Breakfast Club for lunch - I'd seen this video & thought it looked cool there. The weirdest thing happened when we were walking there though & I still can't process how coincidental it was - if you've read my blog for any amount of time you'll be aware how much it would freak me out but I was walking up this huge street and looked back after I'd passed someone because I'd been looking at the ground and liked their shoes/socks anyway turns out it was Jessie Cave??? (at first i was like hey?? that person dresses like jessie cave?? i swear she has that bag??) & When I realised it was her I was so, so, so confused because it was so unexpected?? Anyway I then embarrassingly approached her and told her I like her videos and feebly asked her to sign my bag (which again is weird because I was using a tote bag from her website with her drawings on i felt like a creep) before I scuttled off. It was probably really annoying for her and i'm cringing at myself!!!!!!! The rest of the day I felt sick hoping I didn't make her miss her bus.

I didn't buy anything the whole day except for postcards from the Tate - the only thing I saw that I liked in one of the shops in Islington was a green jacket with exposed seams and a circular zip, but it was £68. The weather was strangely good too but it meant I had to hold a rather conspicuous poncho all the time and regretted wearing so much black. 

This post is v annoyingly photo heavy & I need to venture outdoors to take outfit photos more but doing that makes me feel sick (I feel sick about a lot of things a lot of the time).

Poncho - eBay, vintage, £10
Bark sweater - COS from eBay £14
Skirt - H&M DIVIDED - £20
Shoes - Docs £28
Jeans - Topshop Leigh, £38

Pindippy tote bag (she sent this for free with the tshirt i bought which was cool and probably a mistake but I sold my kanken and now this is my school bag. i have nothing else.)


This photo made me realise I needed to tone my hair (I did - hence the change in the photos in my house which I took on Monday).

My mum's food was a lot more aesthetically pleasing (eye roll) than mine.

I'm aiming to start posting every week (end) so will be here more often.

- Hollie