Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ICANT THINK OF A TITLE i will changethis

Gold tunic dress - £30 eBay
Black suede skirt - £10 eBay
Shoes - Docs £23 eBay

I wanted to post this while I still have golden blonde hair (may be bleaching it platinum-ish this week) because it matches the dress. By the way, the hideous top knot I have at the moment is to hide the fringe/bangs regrowth I have - it isn't long enough to put behind my ears but is baso just hanging there otherwise.

I wore this dress to this thing sixth form gets at my school called Winter Ball back in November or December(???). I had black 70s platform heels from Office on as well and despite turning up literally looking like a drowned rat (it was raining & my hair is naturally curly so with a regrowing fringe the state I was in was pretty tragic) the event itself was good. I have pictures on a roll of film somewhere.

Coat - Mango £30

Not sure anyone has used the school bike sheds for outfit pictures before (cringe).

The empty tongue and groove'd frame behind me is a noticeboard DIY my mum attempted and has concurrently neglected (it used to be in our shop though).

Below are some really old film pictures - probably from September through November. 

1. Pam 2. Silhouetted Ellen & Mary-Ann 3. Pam 4. Katie 5. Counter feat. plants 6. Ellen, Katie & Mary-Ann 7. Pam 8. Pam 9. Random couple

I spent a good deal of time from the end of August to mid October trying to force any willing subject to go to this run down cafe near my house (the one in some photos). Unfortunately the film I used was a new one so I wasn't used to how it handled exposure and a few came out quite dark. When the table in the last photo cleared we tried to sit there (I wanted photos with the reflection on the wall in them) and uncharacteristically I even asked the man who was hovering at the time whether we could take it and have him take ours (the exact same on the opposite side just without the reflection)  but he refused and it has angered me for months. Some of the others are in an arcade in town and the other one interval at school.

- Hollie

Sunday, January 12, 2014

frames and THINGS

First post of 2014! Going to try and post once a week/4 times a month but I know it won't happen. I tried taking these photos on two different days because the light was really crap the first day and equally as dire the next - it's just the season we're in/England. I got my room painted white back in September/October and have gradually put frames up. It has been a lifelong ambition. It looks sort of pathetic right now but I'll  just keep on collecting and hanging them to build it up. I'll hopefully introduce some brighter coloured ones too. The mirror, child smoking picture, mountain painting, tapestry and hanging glass circle are all from the Salvation Army. I actually bought a lot more from there too but I haven't put up about half of them. The green picture and tile are from a junk shop, the dead butterflies are from eBay and the oval mirror was one my mum got at a fair a few years ago. My jumper is from Etsy and I bought it last summer. I hate my hair colour and it will be changed soon bear with me.

Last week my old form was meant to have a 'reunion' at my old form tutors' house (we've only not been a form for  like 8 months though and this sounds v.weird i'm aware) and only 6 of 30 people turned up. I took photos throughout the evening & I rly like the colours/they match the essence of frames and things in the ones above.

1. Amber and Lizzie 2. Pam and Frankie 3. Frames 4. Pam 5. Clock 6. Amber's forehead and Lizzie.

- Hollie