Sunday, January 12, 2014

frames and THINGS

First post of 2014! Going to try and post once a week/4 times a month but I know it won't happen. I tried taking these photos on two different days because the light was really crap the first day and equally as dire the next - it's just the season we're in/England. I got my room painted white back in September/October and have gradually put frames up. It has been a lifelong ambition. It looks sort of pathetic right now but I'll  just keep on collecting and hanging them to build it up. I'll hopefully introduce some brighter coloured ones too. The mirror, child smoking picture, mountain painting, tapestry and hanging glass circle are all from the Salvation Army. I actually bought a lot more from there too but I haven't put up about half of them. The green picture and tile are from a junk shop, the dead butterflies are from eBay and the oval mirror was one my mum got at a fair a few years ago. My jumper is from Etsy and I bought it last summer. I hate my hair colour and it will be changed soon bear with me.

Last week my old form was meant to have a 'reunion' at my old form tutors' house (we've only not been a form for  like 8 months though and this sounds v.weird i'm aware) and only 6 of 30 people turned up. I took photos throughout the evening & I rly like the colours/they match the essence of frames and things in the ones above.

1. Amber and Lizzie 2. Pam and Frankie 3. Frames 4. Pam 5. Clock 6. Amber's forehead and Lizzie.

- Hollie


  1. The frames look amazing. loving your jumper and your hair too


  2. these pictures are a******, and you're frames look great! xx0x0x

  3. You are amazing and your jumper is sooo cute!

  4. This is beautiful! You have really good aesthetic vision, your stuff always fits together and looks lovely.

    glad to hear your room is the way you want it, envying your photos and style and general aura as usual

  6. Next to the beautiful room colours, drawings and photos on the wall, your jumper looks INCREDIBLY COOL (sersly, I'm going to come over and steal it) and your hair too, so don't dye it, except if you want to dye it pink or blue...

  7. Your wall is lovely! I love your blog!

  8. your photos make me want to die they are beautiful. your room is like a museum (in a good way) and i think you have this excellent talent of making every photo you take incredible.
    ps: ur instagram is heaven

  9. Your jumper is awesome <3 <3

  10. such amazing photos as always. I love the frames...I'd love my bedroom to look as cool as yours does.