Thursday, December 26, 2013

short intermission

Boots - Camden Market £25

I have about 3 unfinished draft posts I need to add to, and choosing which one to use first is why I have left this abyss of time between my oh i am probably returning to here post and this one. The top photos are film ones from way back in September from the same day I posted this on Instagram, and I will call them self portraits because I set everything on the camera manually despite my mother acting as a tripod. I forced my parents to take me to this nearby country house because I had been growing obsessed with them at the time, and I took these in the greenhouse there. I used to visit this place a lot when I was younger when my grandma used to be a gardener there so I roughly remembered it. My dress is vintage from Etsy and I was bought it for my GCSE results in August.

Below is a recent outfit - the skirt is irritatingly lopsided because it is too big, but wearing a belt makes it too short, so wearing it requires vigilance. 

Coat which is too long for me - Zara £70

White shirt - Topshop £20
Black vest shirt that people i know despise and refer to as that top - eBay £10
(legit (how exciting)) Chloé skirt - eBay £14
Shoes - Dr Martens eBay £25

(appreciate the print)

Hope you had a good Christmas!



  1. The first two photos are gorgeous. I love the colours. Your outfit is fabulous. The top and skirt are so beautiful

  2. Technology hates me, as per usual, and is hiding half the post, but the images are beautiful— I'm so glad you've returned (whether consistently or not is irrelevant) so we can see more of them!

  3. your greenhouse pictures are perfect hollie- well actually I get obsessed with all of your outfits <3

  4. This is so beautiful, especially the country house pictures. They have a lovely feel to them with all the vivid color!

  5. i'm always happy everytime i see your newest post-- and your vintage dress is very pretty! i'm so jelly with all your outfits in this blog! <3

  6. All these other comments basically say it all so I am just gonna put an uncivilised HOW DO YOU FIND ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL THINGS WHILE I AM SIFTING THROUGH BEIGE CARDIGANS NOT FAIRRR!!!! but you look lovely and i feel happy whenever you post so xxx

  7. omfg fell in love with the two first photographs,fjklgrfdhjksljlks<33

  8. your style is the best <3

  9. I get so excited when you post - your outfits are always so amazing. <3

  10. I love these outfits so so much - the dress and skirt are both beautiful! xxx

  11. I've just discovered your blog and I think that your style is amaaaaazing. You're so inspiring!!

  12. That first photograph looks like is came straight out of some kind of high-end magazine
    Also, how could anyone despise that top??