Tuesday, December 02, 2014

rain circles

Two half term posts went really well!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway this is my post to fulfil my December one post a month quota (no but i really do intend to try to post once a week this month). 

I had Friday morning off of school so I went with my mum to the hospital (irrelevant) and it was really decrepit round the back so I forced her to for once take photos and get over myself and being embarrassed to be able to actually blog. I can't believe how long I've been doing this how scared it still makes me. It was also absolutely freezing and I shunned my coat for these pictures. 

Vintage Jaeger top - £15 eBay
Zara skirt - £15 ish
Topshop stripe crop top underneath - £10
Vintage desert boots - £20 ish
Disgustingly thin tights - Primark
Asos necklace I forgot to take off - £8 maybe

Wow I look extremely short here. I am short but I try to wear shoes that disguise it a bit and these definitely don't. They are also very uncomfortable and squeak a LOT on any non carpeted floor so they're really not practical in the slightest.

I have the afternoon off tomorrow so if I get round to it I may take some photos for another post for next week. I'm just really missing how exciting I used to find blogging and the concept of the internet circa 2012 and feel like I've been letting go of it slightly. Writing wise my posts are a lot shorter than I remember them being, too, which is annoying for me. I just can't think for the life of me what I can write that is anything of substance/use so instead I just don't.

Thank you for reading anyway,