Thursday, February 21, 2013

I am the girl you know, can't look you in the eye

First, I realised it was the 1st year anniversary of this blog 4 days ago. It's cool to see how much I've changed over this year and I didn't think I'd stick to it because I didn't with my previous blog but here I am. This is only my 43rd post so I really need to work on being more committed still. I have 70 odd posts on my last blog but half the page views, to compare. Anyway thank you for following/commenting/being lovely, there's nearly 200 of you now which is crazy. I'm excited to keep blogging and see where it takes me *I need to stop now or I'll puke due to cheesiness*. I have a few things coming up which are exciting and will hopefully motivate me to post more.

It's still sort of cold in England and I can't wait for it not to be coat weather because I have 3 coats and if you're wearing an outfit that doesn't go with your coat you either freeze or don't match. 

I wore this on Saturday but didn't add the boots until I got home because I bought them while I was out on Saturday. I've been finding comfort in layers recently/prefer feeling like a mountain of moving fabrics and I need to force myself out of it and be like IT IS OK TO WEAR A DRESS WITHOUT A JUMPER AND A COLLAR AND 50 NECKLACES AND TIGHTS AND AN UNDERSKIRT AND 3 PAIRS OF SOCKS.

The coat isn't quite houndstooth/dogtooth but we can pretend. The skirt is the epitome of granny skirts and my top isn't quite snakeskin patterned but close enough.

The coat is from the SA, it was £4, the jumper was a gift, my shirt was from a charity shop for £3.50, the skirt is from a charity shop years ago so I can't remember the price, the tie dye tights are H&M and the boots are from a charity shop for £7. I'm trying not to walk like dinosaur count olaf in them because they're three sizes too big and have a 3 inch heel.

 Ibe recently sent me a car package of cool stuff. The 'SUCCES' book in it is my current journal. 
Ibe also sent me a mix tape, and for lack of a better word, it is perfect.

Ok now for a slight digression, I've been increasingly obsessed recently with Jessie Cave. I think it's unhealthy to have one role model, because everyone has flaws, so I try to be inspired by a lot of different people and not totally fangirl over one person. But it's hard, guys. It's hard. Jessie played Lavender Brown in Harry Potter so you probably all know her from that but she makes sketches for her website, and I think it's the most underrated thing on the internet, I've been watching her videos since last summer or so and I'm not sure if I'm exploiting a gem of the internet or helping here. I struggle to express how good she is without being like SADSFJDGJHBNFKLH so watch the videos below (some of my favourites) and you will agree. Evanna Lynch also pops up in her videos and her dress sense is beyond. Beyond.

There are way more videos on her youtube channel, which you should definitely watch. The Ikea Girl Series is hilarious and the Flat Whites series has had me speaking in an Australian accent and calling people 'Cousin Geneva' for the past few days. No joke, I picked up the phone and said 'Hello' like it, thinking it was my mum, but it was someone from a car insurance company and he sounded really confused and I tried to play it off all cool but it didn't work. For your sake I hope you don't do this.

Hollie x

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In the blue TV screen light: Spring vibes 1

It is half term at the moment and so far it has actually been really good. I have been SOCIABLE and have ventured outside. It's also only half way through and have three exciting things to do still - I think I'm dying my hair tomorrow for one.  On Saturday I wandered round charity shops and loitered on the high street until my friends arrived and we went to the travel agent to be all high brow and plan an after gcse's Disneyland Paris trip. Then we were even more high brow and sat in KFC discussing it. On Sunday I went on a walk with my family but it was windy and my mum told me to put my hair in my coat but I said I would look Amish and everyone laughed. On Monday I walked to the bus stop where 3 buses drove past without stopping so I gave up and bought haribo and penny sweets and was then asked for a lighter GUYS I look old enough to be a rebellious teen despite eating starmix at the time. Then two 10 year old boys on scooters zoomed past me singing David Bowie songs. Then I walked home and was driven to Amber's house cough mansion and about 10 of us stayed over and we stalked our own old Facebook pictures and I ate all her chocolate and we got Chinese takeaway and they went in the Jacuzzi then on Tuesday I went round loads of vintage shops on my own and stayed in one of them for two hours picking loads of things up and trying to haggle because I am poor so they probably despise me but I bought a jumper. Today I have watched New Girl and eaten 3 packets of crisps and tie dyed a top.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I made a mind map of my mind for spring and then (because my printer has run out of ink) printed some pictures out at school to collage with but then I tucked them in my art book and handed my book in for our coursework and I now CAN'T GET THEM BACK. So I'll formulate some of my thoughts through jpegs and references below and by linking you to this old post.

Brigette Bardot.

Unknown, Unknown.

Unknown, Unknown.

I think all this red/blue obsession has come from watching Heathers mid January and setting the picture above of Brigette Bardot as my phone wallpaper. Heathers may now be my favourite film ever because it's like mean girls but they kill Heather Chandler instead of sabotaging her, and Winona Ryder is Veronica, and it's just as quoteable. 

"Bulimia is so '87"

"I use my grand IQ to decide what colour lip gloss to wear in the morning"

Blue Velvet.

Unknown, JW Anderson Pre Fall 2013.

And any excuse to include pictures from one of my favourite collections ever - Marc Jacobs Resort 2013.

The pictures below are from a disposable camera I got developed. I took the top two on Halloween.


A picture from last summer.

I hate to apologise for not posting and I need to take an oath to be more frequent with this!

Hollie x

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Best Toast

I'm still stuck in a 70's ish rut but in a more ethereal nature kinda way. 

*i rly need a tripod*

There was a 'fashion' show at my school and things were sold there too, so I scoured round for stuff. I got a load of crystals for 20p each and the brooch I'm wearing above (but you can't see) too. The paisley velvet top is from Etsy, the mesh top is originally from Pilot but I got it from eBay, and the tartan skirt is from the SA ages ago - it's like a size 20 so it's really uncomfortable to keep hoisted up (also why i don't appear to have a waist it's folded over so much). I had Mary Quant star/moon stockings on and when I went out yesterday in these two tops I had black ribbon in my hair. 

Bottega Veneta SS12, Proenza Schouler SS12, Bottega Veneta SS12 Campaign, Rodarte SS12 fitting, photo by Autumn de Wilde, Rodarte FW08.

I have a LOVE magazine subscription and I think this issue is my favourite of the one's I've had so far. The mesh top from the SS12 Bottega Veneta campaign ad in LOVE is the same top on the far left picture above. One of the Proenza Schouler campaign pictures is in it too. The SS12 Rodarte dress is one Elle Fanning wore and I'm head over heels for it.

I bought these records yesterday - more for the sleeves than anything. They were only 20p each.

Two books from the SA I also bought yesterday. My mum has taken the fortune telling one as her own it seems and is literally reading palms of anyone she meets now. The dream book is fascinating too - some of the words are so obscure. I have a lot of dreams but I don't remember them as soon as I wake up usually, it takes something during the day to trigger remembering it, so I might take it round with me because it's small enough to do so.

Some scans from the fortune teller book:

I could have done way more but I didn't want to bore you to tears. I find them really engrossing/alluring though.

Journal page that feels relevant.

Over the past week I've kind of formed an intense Joni Mitchell obsession and bought her album 'Blue' on CD from eBay. Appreciation for Joni Mitchell sentence. Especially her songs 'California' and 'Case of You'. I've also become infatuated with The Crucible and The Royal Tenenbaums.

Admire her sheer brilliance^^^^^^^^^^^^^.

Etsy listing picture, Unknown. I thought these were like the gemstone spread in my fortune telling book.



Unknown, Unknown.