Friday, November 30, 2012

Run Away

I'm totally and completely ignoring the fact it's winter and none of my posts reflect it but i guess #yolo #thatwasironic #icanpostwhatiwant. Maybe my posts throughout December until February will reflect the season more. This is more autumny.

These are clips I've found on Youtube and made screen caps from. Sometimes films are so OVER screen capped. Like, WHO DOESN'T know how brilliant the Virgin Suicides is and how perfect Moonrise Kingdom is, so these are kind of refreshing in the fact that they're 'fresh', however, the first of these I did see about a year ago so maybe you may have done too. I like the way they're filmed. Telling a story but not chronologically? Sometimes repeating sequences and stuff, not just flowing. It reminds me of most Lana Del Rey music videos and this Girls video.

I found this while searching for 'how to rollerskate' tutorials because that's how I roll (how punny). It's set in the 'burbs and reminds me of a 'colder' virgin suicides? The colour co-ordination though is what is so enchanting i mean the harmonious blues and reds in her coat and hair ribbons a la Zooey Deschanel and even down to the skates and straps on them too it's all co-ordinated and you get a glimpse of either a skirt or dress underneath the coat which is red and ZOMG TOO MANY ZOMGS.

This is the opening shot and reminds me of alphabet candy letters.

This may be my favourite shot just because it's so whimsical. 

Such a suave 70s dude.

Suburbs suburbs your existence make me cry 

THERE IS A CAR. As it comes round the corner it reminds me of the opening sequence in Pretty in pink with the slow moving vehicles going everywhere.

What a pose, suave 70s dude.

 Flared jeans and sly smirk in tow.

According to the description on the video it was filmed on 8mm film in the 70s. I tried to take some pictures with the sort of Autumny feelssssss through the viewfinder of a kodak instamatic camera with my phone not to emulate them but to curate some different looking pictures as opposed to the over edited ones I usually post here. They look a bit more film still-y that normal pictures, but I don't live in the 70s or in an American suburb so I took them in my house.

In the hallway, a rose picture my mum got from the SA for 10p and my room.

Fake flowers entwined in a wooden heart I got from a fake flower warehouse my mum can get into cozitsa supersecretbusinessplacebutshetakesmeanyway with gel letters that spell HALLOWEEN from G & Ts for 79p and gold tinsel that is barely visible and on the right, my current nearly finished journal, a new zine I'm making that I started in year 10 but lost but then I found it again and it should be done by January and a tiara from Wilkinsons they were 4 for £1 guys. 4 for £1.

 Book page from a botanical book from the SA with a doily and dream catcher and then an old map book my friend Becky gave me for my birthday with a glass medicine bottle from the SA in front and dead flowers from spring.

I hope to get some proper posts up soon and guess what I have plans for the weekend (revelation) including two birthday parties a Christmas fair and Christmas shopping because DUDES ITS THE 1st OF DECEMBER TOMORROW ADVENT CALENDARS THAT IS ALL GOODBYE.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miss America with the blue mascara on

This week has been a blur and I've just been waiting for it to end but it's weird because I don't have anything to even look forward to so I don't know why I was so focused on the weekend coming. I never do anything and they're kind of suckish. It's also weird because my mentality with school has always been 'let's just get past this test/exam/assessment and then I can return to being a lazy slob and life will return to normal' but at the moment they're constant so I don't really have anything to trick my brain into thinking that life isn't that bad. It's controlled assessments pretty much weekly until Christmas then there's all of our mocks and also science modules and then after that it's actual preparation for our actual gcses. So I'm trying to ignore the world and forget that THERE IS NO UP SIDE. Because after gcses it's a levels which seem like hell on earth then there's uni which is harder than that then there's getting a job which everyone complains about and then you die. Remind me why I'm still here again plz.

Past all that though I'm still obsessed with that retro futuristic kinda thang. Like 'make believe', technicolour, glitter, tulle, sequins that whole malarkey. 

I've been totally enthralled with the picture of the 1940s ballet dancers over the past week. It's from tumblr (where else) and I also set it as my sisters' cover picture of facebook.

Ok there's a lot of blue in the pictures in this post sort of by accident. I assume the picture of the right is some sort of 60s Mary Quant campaign.

Showgirls from Tumblr sorry I don't know any of the sources. But how divine are both of these.

This is me in an outfit from about a month ago. I post literally none of my outfits here and it's bad because it's what my friends and stuff primarily know me for but my blog doesn't reflect that and I hardly ever take pictures of my clothes. I wore this dress to my schools' second to last mufty day but I didn't have a belt on so it was to my ankles instead of tucked over to make it knee length. It's from Etsy, I think it was £8. 

Does the off centre-ness of this annoy you because it really does me too but this is the best I could get. The top necklace is from a car boot, the second one from a vintage shop for £8, the pentacle and moon one was from Ebay for £5 and the oval one was from the SA for £1.

Oh and the dress usually has a black velvet collar but I fold it over and the necklaces keep it in place because it's quite a low collar.

More retro yet futuristic photos from Tumblr. The picture on the left is one of my all time favourite images.

The flower crown I wore with my paisley dress on mufty day but I had my hair in plaits when I took the pictures on a different day so it looked pretty stupid.

The twins from the shining for their tulle dresses and creepyness and a still from the technicolour film I linked in my last post.

I really need to blog more often but I'm hoping to get a canon camera for Christmas meaning I will take more pictures of my outfits because my camera at the moment is really good in sunlight but I find it's not brilliant with taking pictures in bad lighting. Also hello new followers I'm suddenly gaining them rather quickly and surpassed 100 this week. I had like 2 for ages before I added the follower widget to my blog so it seems really weird to have people ACTUALLY read what you write.

Tally ho.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Your obsessions get you known throughout the school for being strange

I'm not really in the right state of mind to write articulate thoughts but this is long overdue and I CAN'T EXPRESS TO YOU HOW MUCH WORK THAT ACTUALLY COUNTS WE ARE HAVING TO DO AT SCHOOL RIGHT NOW. So I spent each day after school and every single lunchtime doing some sort of work and today was like a break and I still have more to do tomorrow and so I haven't actually had much time. Not to be all bloggery-apoligisery.

It's properly winter now and Halloween has passed so the whole 'spooky, witchy dressing thing' has passed too and I'm missing the absence of colour in the world! For some reason every time winter comes around it's like all shops feel condemned to stock things in dingy colours only, like browns and blacks. Then spring comes and it's like FLORALS. The other thing I find absence in colour with is what's called 'vintage' eg washed out pictures trying to emulate film photography pictures, it almost makes colour pictures with objects from the past in them seem futuristic in a way? It's like every picture prior to this decade and the last was sepia or washed out. I need some iridescence in my life and this association with the word vintage to the average person our age sort of annoys me because this term that loosely means things older than 20 years doesn't take into account pop culture and sub cultures and that whole situation, and then the word retro just refers to like geometric prints and homeware stores trying to flog their bright red 'mod' sofas, latching on to the marketing side of the words. I admire films like Edward Scissorhands for using pastels and being original in colour use, and Heathers and Moonrise Kingdom and the technicolour films of the 40s/50s, mickey mouse of 1941 for example. Disney world is also a haven for excellent colour use and it's like frozen in time because it hasn't changed since those eras. The pictures in this post are probably a huge reason as to why i'm lusting for more colour at the moment.

These pictures are of my mum in the 70s and my Grandad is in the one on the left, too. They're much more vibrant in real life but I like the fact you can actually see realistic colours in these pictures. I also find it weird, in old pictures, to recognise things, like places or people. I wasn't alive then and can only look at the past as a romanticist, so it seems like an alien world - everything is so different. 

I like the colours in these pictures, too. Espicially the middle one (give me her cat sweatervest, blue eyeshadow and pin). They're photobooth pictures from the 80s that someone was selling on Ebay in like January, I screen shotted them on my phone then forgot about them until I cleared all my pictures last week. Everyone that was photo stalking on my phone back in January all thought the girl on the right was me in the thumbnail which is weird but yeah I guess paleness and freckles.

I did this in textiles at the end of last year when we started our coursework that we're still doing, until march, by the way). Theres like 12 pages now and I never think to put schoolwork on my blog but I'm just as creative with things I do for school as for things I do intentionally to 'be creative', maybe I will do so more but I like the colours and non-washed outedness ok. Also note the stitching round the edge of the paper it took FOREVER going through black card, lace fabric and doilies with a needle.

I did this today, with National Geographic clippings and cut up My Little Pony album pictures. I got the album from a car boot sale and the woman looked really confused when I said it was for me, you know people usually try to hide when they think you're weird? She didn't whatsoever.

I made this collage of screencaps from Edward Scissorhands just because it is so dreamy and perfect (and combines Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder). The houses remind me of the cat in the hat neighbourhood. Have only I picked up on this? Cat in the hat deserves more aesthetic recognition, the girl's clothes are also sufficiently lovely and it features a mad giant cat like seriously why haven't the hipsters of tumblr latched on to this.

ALSO certain pieces from Moshino SS13 reminded me of Edward Scissorhands once I started scouring the interweb for screencaps of it. Like, bright yellows, pinks, oranges and whites, and maybe Louis Vuitton SS13 which everyone went beserk for because of the use of escalators. 

Look look see, even down to the structured lines they look like the winding roads in the Edward Scissorhands neighbourhood. The models could stand in front of the houses and blend in. They're also like my 'The Swinging Sixties' mood board for textiles above, this collection is so very very inspired by the 60s, obviously, yet kind of futurstic, too. I guess the 60s was quite space age orientated though, and these pieces strike me as  quite future-y with the weird hat things and the cyborg runway mentality and model attitude could contribute.

The collection reminds me of this. Unknown source.

While still on the subject of films also, in reference to the afore mentioned technicolour films, I found this on Youtube and it's sort of divine, the top comment is "Three-strip Technicolor can make anything look beautiful!" 

And everyone knows that youtubers are the fountain of knowledge.

Seriously though watch the whole thing, I love the make-up segment and it's beautiful in it's entirety. The narration is quite funny looking at it now too eg "look how flat and dull it looks in back and white!", "colour gives food appetite appeal" - it's like the shopping channel 70 years early. See, it's not just our generation that sucks. Maybe in another 70 years people will look back on our infomercials with lust and avidity. Ok no.

Technicolor promotion.

This and those below is from my Tumblr, the colour combination makes me want to melt. Unknown source.

This is playing on the past but futuristic thing.

More disney world. The second bottom one is LIFE magazine.

National Geographic, for the colours.

Retro futuristic cars (Jetsons style). Unknown sources cry cry cry.

Also, I went to Thorpe park last week, and thought these pictures are similarly themed to the whole colour/future thing. The decor there was quite futuristic. There was this like metal campervan and I got Amber to take a picture of me in front of it on my phone. I was like STAND HERE, POINT HERE, PRESS THE CAMERA BUTTON. The Diner sign was by stealth, the fish was from a pick and mix I got with chipped red nail polish courtesy of me, and KFC, believe it or not. The coolest KFC I've ever seen, though.

My coat is from Topshop, I had to wear one because it was absolutely freezing (it also reminds me of a hybrid of the two coats in Submarine) and I had red and white barrettes in my hair after beginning the day with a beehive. 

Lesson: Beehive can't withstand 60mph speeds on rollercoasters. 

I took it down and started again with braids. I had a red and white checkered blouse underneath and a black and white plaid skirt and a red and multicoloured knitted flower cardigan so the ensemble was all quite red, black and white.

Last week I also received this amazing care package from Ibe. We did a swap and we're doing it again before Christmas!

This is the box it came in and I was so excited wah just look at it.

And this is the stuff inside. It totally goes with all these feels right now. 

I think that's enough or I'll just keep on babbling. 
I need to leave before I go insane ok bye.

Friday, November 09, 2012


We're just going to ignore the fact that I didn't blog over halloween but I didn't know what to post so I kind of ur, didn't. Today was a mufti day at school (where british kids wear their own clothes to school for the day) and I have a love/hate relationship with them. It's fun if you feel good in what you're wearing but I find it difficult to embody everything in my aesthetic preference and compress it into one outfit because mufti days are kind of rare and you can't dress how you want every day and I just want to yell to the world THIS IS THE STUFF I LIKE but it has to be succinct and within like, a couple of garments. It's difficult. Am I thinking too much into it I don't know, but because now people I think expect me to dress differently I feel like I have to and have to exert uber effort, because if I didn't people would kind of notice more. 

Anyway, I've been really into emeralds, burgundys, rusty oranges and therefore gemstones recently. I got the majority of these stones when I was little from those £1 gemstone dispenser machines in tacky gift shops. There's a broach there from a vintage shop and the wiccan/pagan-y necklace is from Ebay which was £5. The big candle was a leaving present from my old school when we left (I don't know it was a christian school) and the small candle was from a phase when I wanted loads of candles in my room when I was 7 or something and bought loads of expensive ones and then found out I wasn't allowed to actually light them. To my 7 year old self this was shattering news as I actually expected to be allowed to and so then I went on a candle buying hiatus to try and prove to my mother just how vehement and angry I was at this predicament, but kept some of the ones I already had. The green bottle was from a charity shop I guess but I can't remember. 

I wore a black and white tartan skirt today (mandatory charity shop size 18) and a velvet burgundy top with glitter specks (mandatory charity shop 18 also), my eyeball necklace that was 33p from a car boot sale, a new flower crown and black lipstick I got from Ella for my birthday back in May. I put the lipstick on this morning and wore it to school but took it off in registration to avoid questioning. It's good I guess because my form tutor said I looked like I belonged in a forest and my head of house said I looked like a christmas tree without the lipstick so their comments would have most probably been even harder to retort to if I had left it on. I re applied it at home after school though and added my pagan necklace. You can't see the colour of the top properly here but you can appreciate the glitter-y-ness of it below.

My 70s marble mirror is probably one of my favourite things and it was £2 from a charity shop.

My amazing necklaces that I <3 <3 <3 and the glitter t shirt I wore underneath the velvet one because the neckline was horrendously low and I actually wore the top back to front all day because it was so low.

Fabrics and cool colours and glitter n stuff.

This is the flower crown I made at 1 o clock in the morning yesterday (but actually it was today?) hanging on my wardrobe handles. It's made of two bunches of flowers that I bought in conjunction with the burgundy top because I thought the colours were harmonious and they were in the same charity shop.

 I didn't know what I was going to wear to mufti day until the early morning and led sprawled out on my bed procrastinating for two hours prior to having to actually having to decide and then I finally did at midnight and realised I hadn't actually made the crown yet so it was like a late night crafting session in silence as to not alert anyone that I was wielding wire/chopping artificial stems from the bouquet/trying to attach party bag ribbon and fashion an actual headband.

Anyway, it's the weekend now and I'm going to london tomorrow for my sister's birthday. I think we're going to the V & A too. Also everyone discovered that our January exam timetables for GCSE mocks are on our school website now and everyone is freaking out so I am too and I have 3 science modules in January on top of the mocks in everything. And everyone is discussing A levels and it's all so stressful and it feels like everything to so rushed and I can't cope it's so much to be thinking about and I just want to crawl into a hole and be a cat for my life or something.