Friday, November 30, 2012

Run Away

I'm totally and completely ignoring the fact it's winter and none of my posts reflect it but i guess #yolo #thatwasironic #icanpostwhatiwant. Maybe my posts throughout December until February will reflect the season more. This is more autumny.

These are clips I've found on Youtube and made screen caps from. Sometimes films are so OVER screen capped. Like, WHO DOESN'T know how brilliant the Virgin Suicides is and how perfect Moonrise Kingdom is, so these are kind of refreshing in the fact that they're 'fresh', however, the first of these I did see about a year ago so maybe you may have done too. I like the way they're filmed. Telling a story but not chronologically? Sometimes repeating sequences and stuff, not just flowing. It reminds me of most Lana Del Rey music videos and this Girls video.

I found this while searching for 'how to rollerskate' tutorials because that's how I roll (how punny). It's set in the 'burbs and reminds me of a 'colder' virgin suicides? The colour co-ordination though is what is so enchanting i mean the harmonious blues and reds in her coat and hair ribbons a la Zooey Deschanel and even down to the skates and straps on them too it's all co-ordinated and you get a glimpse of either a skirt or dress underneath the coat which is red and ZOMG TOO MANY ZOMGS.

This is the opening shot and reminds me of alphabet candy letters.

This may be my favourite shot just because it's so whimsical. 

Such a suave 70s dude.

Suburbs suburbs your existence make me cry 

THERE IS A CAR. As it comes round the corner it reminds me of the opening sequence in Pretty in pink with the slow moving vehicles going everywhere.

What a pose, suave 70s dude.

 Flared jeans and sly smirk in tow.

According to the description on the video it was filmed on 8mm film in the 70s. I tried to take some pictures with the sort of Autumny feelssssss through the viewfinder of a kodak instamatic camera with my phone not to emulate them but to curate some different looking pictures as opposed to the over edited ones I usually post here. They look a bit more film still-y that normal pictures, but I don't live in the 70s or in an American suburb so I took them in my house.

In the hallway, a rose picture my mum got from the SA for 10p and my room.

Fake flowers entwined in a wooden heart I got from a fake flower warehouse my mum can get into cozitsa supersecretbusinessplacebutshetakesmeanyway with gel letters that spell HALLOWEEN from G & Ts for 79p and gold tinsel that is barely visible and on the right, my current nearly finished journal, a new zine I'm making that I started in year 10 but lost but then I found it again and it should be done by January and a tiara from Wilkinsons they were 4 for £1 guys. 4 for £1.

 Book page from a botanical book from the SA with a doily and dream catcher and then an old map book my friend Becky gave me for my birthday with a glass medicine bottle from the SA in front and dead flowers from spring.

I hope to get some proper posts up soon and guess what I have plans for the weekend (revelation) including two birthday parties a Christmas fair and Christmas shopping because DUDES ITS THE 1st OF DECEMBER TOMORROW ADVENT CALENDARS THAT IS ALL GOODBYE.


  1. This is so groovy! I love finding hidden gems on YouTube. I want to wear my hair in pigtails and ribbons now!

    I'm so excited that it's December, I literally jumped out of bed this morning and ran to find the Advent Calendar, I feel like I should not be doing this given that I'm 18, but IT'S SO EXCITING!


    1. Hahaha i had to remind my parents at like, midnight and they were like HOW OLD ARE YOU?! And thank you by the way! <3

  2. A friend gave me a mix cd with that song on it, and I really liked it, but I never thought to find the video, it's amazing, thank you for showing it to me I'm really happy about that now!

  3. Hey, lovely, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!
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  4. That video is lovely! I've got to go out skating now, having seen that. I just wish I had glasses that could give it all the same tint... So pretty!