Thursday, October 23, 2014


Helloooooooooooo I am glad to be back. I got into a mindset of working every evening and both days at the weekend to be able to pay my parents back for my car (also passed my driving test two weeks ago woo) so I've had 0 time with my mum who I usually enslave to take my photo for me. I had Tuesday afternoon off school though and managed to take these.

Zebra top - ebay £5
Grandad collar shirt - Salvation Army £1
Docs - eBay £50
Skirt - Asos £38
Necklace - Asos £9

Bag - christmas gift 

The skirt and shirt are too big so I don't wear them much but the curve shapes at the sides match which is SO COOL despite feeling like a walking clothes horse all day wearing both at the same time.

It's pretty much half term now and I'm going to try to commit to two or three blog posts to catch up with things I bought and wore throughout the summer still. I'm also going to read troves of everyone's blog posts since about June when I last had a chance to keep up to date. Thanks for reading, even though my consistency on here is non existent.

- Hollie