Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miss America with the blue mascara on

This week has been a blur and I've just been waiting for it to end but it's weird because I don't have anything to even look forward to so I don't know why I was so focused on the weekend coming. I never do anything and they're kind of suckish. It's also weird because my mentality with school has always been 'let's just get past this test/exam/assessment and then I can return to being a lazy slob and life will return to normal' but at the moment they're constant so I don't really have anything to trick my brain into thinking that life isn't that bad. It's controlled assessments pretty much weekly until Christmas then there's all of our mocks and also science modules and then after that it's actual preparation for our actual gcses. So I'm trying to ignore the world and forget that THERE IS NO UP SIDE. Because after gcses it's a levels which seem like hell on earth then there's uni which is harder than that then there's getting a job which everyone complains about and then you die. Remind me why I'm still here again plz.

Past all that though I'm still obsessed with that retro futuristic kinda thang. Like 'make believe', technicolour, glitter, tulle, sequins that whole malarkey. 

I've been totally enthralled with the picture of the 1940s ballet dancers over the past week. It's from tumblr (where else) and I also set it as my sisters' cover picture of facebook.

Ok there's a lot of blue in the pictures in this post sort of by accident. I assume the picture of the right is some sort of 60s Mary Quant campaign.

Showgirls from Tumblr sorry I don't know any of the sources. But how divine are both of these.

This is me in an outfit from about a month ago. I post literally none of my outfits here and it's bad because it's what my friends and stuff primarily know me for but my blog doesn't reflect that and I hardly ever take pictures of my clothes. I wore this dress to my schools' second to last mufty day but I didn't have a belt on so it was to my ankles instead of tucked over to make it knee length. It's from Etsy, I think it was £8. 

Does the off centre-ness of this annoy you because it really does me too but this is the best I could get. The top necklace is from a car boot, the second one from a vintage shop for £8, the pentacle and moon one was from Ebay for £5 and the oval one was from the SA for £1.

Oh and the dress usually has a black velvet collar but I fold it over and the necklaces keep it in place because it's quite a low collar.

More retro yet futuristic photos from Tumblr. The picture on the left is one of my all time favourite images.

The flower crown I wore with my paisley dress on mufty day but I had my hair in plaits when I took the pictures on a different day so it looked pretty stupid.

The twins from the shining for their tulle dresses and creepyness and a still from the technicolour film I linked in my last post.

I really need to blog more often but I'm hoping to get a canon camera for Christmas meaning I will take more pictures of my outfits because my camera at the moment is really good in sunlight but I find it's not brilliant with taking pictures in bad lighting. Also hello new followers I'm suddenly gaining them rather quickly and surpassed 100 this week. I had like 2 for ages before I added the follower widget to my blog so it seems really weird to have people ACTUALLY read what you write.

Tally ho.


  1. You have chosen the PERFECT pictures. Your mufty day outfit is great XXX

  2. i love the showgirls/dreamy unicorns pictures, great spirit!

  3. you have a really cool blog. I love your style xx

  4. I love these old retro pictures! Also that flower crown is stellar.

  5. I love your outfit and the pictures!

  6. Perfect post as always Hollie! I looovveeee your necklaces <3


    P.S. Love the title...but now I have that song stuck in my head.

  7. that dress is totally magical ~~

  8. That's such a cool outfit - you look lovely.

  9. Your dress is beautiful! I also love your inspiration pictures, the blues are so lovely!