Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In the blue TV screen light: Spring vibes 1

It is half term at the moment and so far it has actually been really good. I have been SOCIABLE and have ventured outside. It's also only half way through and have three exciting things to do still - I think I'm dying my hair tomorrow for one.  On Saturday I wandered round charity shops and loitered on the high street until my friends arrived and we went to the travel agent to be all high brow and plan an after gcse's Disneyland Paris trip. Then we were even more high brow and sat in KFC discussing it. On Sunday I went on a walk with my family but it was windy and my mum told me to put my hair in my coat but I said I would look Amish and everyone laughed. On Monday I walked to the bus stop where 3 buses drove past without stopping so I gave up and bought haribo and penny sweets and was then asked for a lighter GUYS I look old enough to be a rebellious teen despite eating starmix at the time. Then two 10 year old boys on scooters zoomed past me singing David Bowie songs. Then I walked home and was driven to Amber's house cough mansion and about 10 of us stayed over and we stalked our own old Facebook pictures and I ate all her chocolate and we got Chinese takeaway and they went in the Jacuzzi then on Tuesday I went round loads of vintage shops on my own and stayed in one of them for two hours picking loads of things up and trying to haggle because I am poor so they probably despise me but I bought a jumper. Today I have watched New Girl and eaten 3 packets of crisps and tie dyed a top.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I made a mind map of my mind for spring and then (because my printer has run out of ink) printed some pictures out at school to collage with but then I tucked them in my art book and handed my book in for our coursework and I now CAN'T GET THEM BACK. So I'll formulate some of my thoughts through jpegs and references below and by linking you to this old post.

Brigette Bardot.

Unknown, Unknown.

Unknown, Unknown.

I think all this red/blue obsession has come from watching Heathers mid January and setting the picture above of Brigette Bardot as my phone wallpaper. Heathers may now be my favourite film ever because it's like mean girls but they kill Heather Chandler instead of sabotaging her, and Winona Ryder is Veronica, and it's just as quoteable. 

"Bulimia is so '87"

"I use my grand IQ to decide what colour lip gloss to wear in the morning"

Blue Velvet.

Unknown, JW Anderson Pre Fall 2013.

And any excuse to include pictures from one of my favourite collections ever - Marc Jacobs Resort 2013.

The pictures below are from a disposable camera I got developed. I took the top two on Halloween.


A picture from last summer.

I hate to apologise for not posting and I need to take an oath to be more frequent with this!

Hollie x


  1. i love to read all the things you did it sounds so much fun! i love the inspiration too

  2. your last pictures are so lovely

  3. You're a fabulous writer and those disposables are just awesome (: I think the 10 year olds singing David Bowie are my favorite thing ever

  4. This is beautiful :) The picture next to JW Anderson Pre Fall 2013 is Allison Hannigan (who plays willow in buffy the vampire slayer)

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