Sunday, March 10, 2013

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It's finally starting to feel like Spring despite the dreary weather today. Exams are therefore looming but I'm looking forward to the summer nevertheless for taking pictures and sun and freedom and inevitable laziness. Half term was recently and each time we have holiday I then have to wear my own clothes and totally freak out that I don't own any and go on an internet spending rampage. Therefore I have a lot of new clothes that I can't wear except for at weekends but I want to wear them all at once so again, I wish we didn't wear uniform at school sometimes.

Floral top from Etsy, Vintage floral blouse, DIY tie dye top, J Lynch belt (!!!), Vintage sheer skirt, 70s bag from a car boot sale, dead rose from Valentines day.

Dazed and Confused.

Shoes were £1 from a car boot sale and they are 3 sizes too big.

Unknown, Ophelia's picture, Unknown, Lui February 1984. I like the fluidity of these pictures.

Picture of my friend I took on a 60s Ilford Sportsman last year.

Joni Mitchell, Unknown.


Some of my recent Instagram pictures. 50s sheer communion dress, floral vintage shirt, handpainted pendant from the SA,  Mary Quant moon and star stockings, vintage boots from Camden Market which I painted.


Woodstock, Vintage Magazine Scan

I got my sister to take the pictures below of me last Sunday. I bought the blue crimplene dress ages ago last year from Clobber, a vintage shop, for £16 and meant to take it up because it was really long and I finally did last weekend. The floral shirt that has featured way too much in this post already is from a vintage shop. The silver lurex sandles, I've been yearning over for months (since last june) were finally relisted on eBay for £7 so I am beyond enamored with them. Coat is the SA and I got the bike from a car boot sale but I need to get it repaired because the brakes don't work and it has a flat tyre. I rode it to school twice last year before it started to fall apart and felt like the queen of cool.

"What an interesting car boot" I really don't know why I look so interested.

Pacific Sands Motel, San Diego, California.

Prada sport s/s 2001 photographed by Phil Poynter.



Hopefully I will finish my zine soon. It is COMING. It's going to be in black and white this time I think so I can photocopy it all at school but it will be on Etsy for a miniscule amount. 

Hollie x


  1. I love those photos! The ones your sister took are amazing, nice lighting. :) I have lots of dress envy omgggg also beatles yes


  2. you are so elegant and beautiful hollie. i love your bag with the dead rose. will you make a post about your new clothes? the pictures your sister took made me think of the line in the film daisies that says 'you don't belong in this century'. she's quite a good photographer haha. :-)

  3. รถ.l,,mkjnhgfdsdfcuvgzibhnojaesfvjin.

    I can't even put it in words but this is so perfect I love love love your outfit and those pictures and those inspiration argh.

  4. Loveeeee the pictures your sister took!
    Everything about this post is lovely and
    pastel and perfect!

  5. so perfect. every outfit. every post. every picture. GAHH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I ADMIRE YOU.

    1. I feel the same way so I'm just going to second what Dayzee said ^^ I love you, but not in a creepy way.

  6. So perfect your outfit.
    I love your pictures
    And this post is so cool <3
    (I'm sorry, but I don't speak english :c)
    I love your blog<3

  7. This post is amazing! Love your photos. Wish I had an old vintage camera. xx

  8. Such a lovely blue dress you're wearing in the second lot of outfit pics, it goes so well with the coat too!

  9. I seriously love your blog so much

  10. Your outifts are the holiest thing i have ever seen!!!!!

  11. WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT and your inspiration pictures wahh i want to be youuuuu

    xxx dani

  12. Ever since I saw this coat I have been keeping my eye out for a similar one. IT LOOKS SO GOOD ON YOU AND I AM JEALOUS OF IT.