Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I turned 17 this past Sunday despite the fact that I inhabit the body of a prepubescent 12 year old and I was lucky enough to have gotten an invite to a screening of Maleficent (due to being a blogger for this Disney Hub) in Leicester square that morning to I headed up to London with my mum and watched the film. Reviews/reactions were embargoed until today because it wasn't yet released so I left posting this until I was able to say how it was. I was genuinely shocked at how amazing I found it. Of course being Disney it was going to be good but!! i!! was!! not!! expecting!! how!! good!! it actually!!!! was

I got there early and left late so I inevitably missed seeing anyone famous that was there. v v v v v v stupid of me (im a shameless made in chelsea fan and lucy watson was there).

I then went to Brick Lane for the afternoon after getting cake in the cafe 'Look Mum No Hands'. I had banana bread there and it had unidentified nuts inside it. This was marginally distressing but the decor in the place was cool.

Jumpsuit - Clobber, vintage shop, £18
Shoes - Dr Martens, eBay, £20 ish
Mesh lurex top - Salvation Army, £2
Cutoff 10 denier tights for socks
Necklace - Salvation Army, £1
Earrings - Molly's den, £3
Green/grey jumper - Molly's den, £8

My complexion/face skin is uncontrollable. not in a good way

This was in All Star Lanes in Shoreditch. I watched Made in Chelsea briefly on Monday night and they were in there!! My food was good apart from the seeds that pillaged the inside of the burger which was very exotic for anyone nearly as fussy as me.

Anyway as of two days ago I started driving lessons and had my first shift at a new job last Saturday. I also decided to do a photography short course at the Arts University near where I live because I felt like a bit of a fraud using a manual film camera without the faintest idea what I was doing. I'm 3 out of 10 weeks in and it has been really useful so far. So despite exams finishing and not having school again until the 16th of June I've managed to somehow still have a lot to be doing with my time?????// 

- Hollie


  1. happy 17th birthday!
    can't wait to see maleficent when it comes to aus (which will probably take forever) but i hope it will be worth the wait.
    you're outfit is perfect <3

  2. looove the outfit, can't wait till next sunday! :)

  3. Your outfit is lovely! Happy belated birthday, by the way :--)

  4. Happy birthday! I know you get this all the time but, your style really is impeccable x

  5. happy birthday! Your jumpsuit is like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

  6. Happy belated birthday! Loooove the jumpsuit x

  7. I absolutely love the outfit and dang you always do such cool stuff in london!
    I genuinely want to be you

  8. Ugh you're outfit is perfect :p

  9. that jumpsuit is UHMAZING! lovely post x

  10. Love the outfit! Perfect <3

  11. Happy b-day!

  12. Happy birthday! And I love your outfit!<3

  13. happy birthday, belatedly!

    you're probably hearing this for the hundredth time but i think that your opportunity to do some work for disney's 'maleficent'-tumblr is really awesome. despite it being an honour, do you even get paid for blogging for disney?
    i think that you and the tumblr really match; the posts i have seen are pretty nice.

    also, i really like your outfit - suits you well! and doc martens are always perfect!

    Lost in my mind

  14. Absolutely loved this post!

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