Thursday, September 17, 2015


I was lucky enough to have been invited to the launch event of People Tree's collaboration collection with Sandra Rhodes, which I went to last Wednesday.

The event itself was held in Zandra Rhodes' penthouse, which was crazy, and I had caught the train straight up from uni to get there on time because I live two hours from London, so the whole day was such a rush and so so surreal. To help matters my phone died on the way up so I was wandering around, resorting to using the maps on the streets to navigate my way there.

I was also suitably petrified, walking into this on my own and being, as far as I could tell, the youngest person in the room; but in the end it seemed everyone was in a similar position and happy to talk. No one was as scary and intimidating as I expected once a conversation was started.

Safia Minney (CEO of People Tree), Zandra Rhodes and Lucy Siegle introduced the evening with speeches detailing their trip across India, where they met with organic cotton farmers and fair-trade artisans. People Tree is known for being a pioneer for ethical fashion, and there was a lot of focus on this aspect of the collaboration collection, which is what really sets it apart. It helps to know that the 'organic' and 'ethical' monikers aren't just token marketing ploys, and we can rest assured that sustainability really is at the core of the brand(s).

The stories and anecdotes the women told of their personal experiences only further went to show how important it is to make the connection between the clothes we wear and the story behind them; the people who make them, the ways they are made, how the materials are sourced and so on. Rebecca Pearson, a model for People Tree, spoke about how for her, being exposed to this information humanised the previously mystical process in which her clothes came to fruition, and it dissuaded her from doing any future shopping on the high street. 

To shop on the high street is the easy choice - I think we all subconsciously kid ourselves, or rather don't allow ourselves to think about what we're contributing to on a larger scale when we're buying mass produced clothing. Blissful ignorance is much easier on our consciences, but the whole evening served as a necessary reminder to be more mindful.

Images from their trip across India:

Images from their trip to India

Images from their trip to India

The decor in the penthouse was wonderfully bizarre, technicolour, eclectic, everything you could expect from Zandra Rhodes. Everyone looked really cool, too, so I was in awe most of the night, there being literally too much to take in. Though taking photographs, considering the location, felt somewhat intrusive, so I only took a handful. 

The collection looks a lot more extensive in the booklet we got upon leaving, so there's more to it than what was on display on the night. So these are just a few of the pieces.

It was certainly a learning curve getting to go to something like this, but I'm so glad I did and I'm so grateful to have been invited! 

Thank you for reading! I should be blogging twice more this week and getting back into it properly for the next academic year.



  1. Despite all the stress of having to get to the event I'm so glad you did, I wouldn't have heard about this brand and collaboartion otherwise! xx

  2. This has really inspired me to be more ethical, it's so easy to be ignorant and just forget about the environment when it comes to being a consumer! x

  3. yes to the importance of being ethical even in fashion! :D

    Winn | ♥ | Instagram

  4. Great photos, I love those dresses!

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