Friday, May 25, 2012


The map is a metaphor for the journey and the paths you take in life, obviously.

It's my birthday today, I'm 15 and feeling old, my back will give out tomorrow I'm sure. I got some pretty FETCH presents from my parents, friends and family though.

A LABEL MAKER (showcased in the collage above). Ghost World DVD (dont throw rocks I haven't seen it yet but will do tonight), gym sock thingys, a new tripod so I am able to photograph outfits outside the confides of my house, hundreds (literally - not metaphorically - speaking) of packs of fruit salad flavoured chewits (they're my weakness shh), a top I ordered off Etsy for my incapable parents who then gave it to me to wear when roller skating, a new hobby I have decided I am going to learn/take up, and money so I can buy some lovely clothes and hopefully an SLR camera to replace my digital, I am in serious need of a new one and all the pictures I take at the moment are from my iPhone which isn't totally practical! 

I had school and spent the morning with year 3 children who came to our school, teaching them how to throw beanbags; that was fun. (decide for yourself if i intend sarcasm or not). Then I had French and Biology which are possibly the worst lessons I could ever have but people were generally nice to me and it's FABULOUS TO BE IN CONTROL FOR A DAY. However I do need to 'control' my own use of capitals.

I discovered how to use the scanner, yep, I don't know where this will take me, but I CAN'T STOP USING IT IT'S GREAT.

I made a crown out of a tiara my Sister uses when she dances (she does ballet) and some flowers from outside, I'm holding a birthday cake candle in the second picture, and my printer is running out of ink, I haven't grown green lines on my face!

A metaphor for 'Taking the leap in life' - No I am joking this is my grandma when she was younger, probably the 70's, she was voted 'Supermum of Dorset' or something and she is still proud at 58 years old, I just found the picture in the Scans folder, some pesky person in this family was aware of how to use the scanner before me and didn't make me aware.

A metaphor for unity and friendship - Ok this is getting ridiculous now I will stop, another picture in the scans picture from my Grandad and Grandma's wedding, my grandad is on the left, I'd estimate this is from the 60's, hence the 'tashes.

My captions are far too long I am aware, anyway I hope you have had a better than average 25th of May 2012 as I have, the other exciting this that happened today is that I realised there's a very pretty greenhouse a school that I can take pictures infront of, maybe, possibly, probably not. People always walk past it, I don't know, maybe next mufti day. 


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