Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Take a walk on the wild side

Today (now 4 days ago, I write this now on Wednesday, originally on Saturday) was my birthday party, one month overdue, but it was basically a food gathering/tie dye extravaganza/ in a field that I invited all of my friends to before we go off to do two weeks work experience, in the end there were about 20 people. We listened to a whole load of random songs from a whole load of random iPods meaning Katy Perry was within the track listing amongst the Tammys. We climbed trees and ran down to the lake and it was the cooliest.

I wore my flower crown (It must seem I wear it daily, but honestly its like less than once a fortnight), a lace dress from Camden Market almost two years ago for £8, 3 necklaces from a car boot sale for £1 and a black floral skirt from the Salvation Army for 75p.

I also bought a new camera, so I can now blog more because I won't get all depressed thinking my pictures are awful and only negligibly acceptable, It's a Pentax K100D and wah it is fantastic, and it only cost me £140 from Ebay.

Mary-Ann took this.
Ellen may also have taken this.
It was a great day and I felt like I was in a movie. For the next two weeks I'm doing work experience and won't be in school, I'm doing it in London I would say where but STRANGER DANGER. I'm staying with my auntie, uncle and cousins though, and their house is really cool like 50's windows, doors and aaaaah.

I started a dairy about 3 weeks ago, to document ~life~. I just think I'll regret it if I don't keep one, and I have a journal for other stuff. It's made of a book called Garden Shrubs from the Salvation Army for 10p or something.

This is the invitation I wrote (to my diary) for my party, I bought a pad of them from the salvation army for 10p and aimed to send them to my friends, I only distributed 3 in the end (in some letters I sent to Becky, Lauren and Paige) but I have them for next year. I can't decide whether the chef is transgender with a moustache, a man in drag including fake eyelashes and blusher for make up, or just a woman with facial hair. Nothing wrong with being liberal. There was a guy walking in Covent Garden yesterday wearing hooker boots who was carrying a Lady Gaga bag. Preach it.

The three letters I sent.
 Have a good Week, and sorry for the image heavy post, now I have a new camera I hope I will be able to post more often!


  1. I love your photographs, so pretty and dreamlike and your outfits are gorgeous! Definetly one of my new favourite blogs, I hope you keep it up :) hope you had a lovely birthday and birthday party :) If you have time I would love you to check out my blog

    1. Oh wow thank you ever so much! I will do so!

  2. I took the second photo of you :)

    1. Mary Ann you are the cutest thing I didn't realise you'd commented, I shall change it when I'm on a computer!