Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One day I'll grow up, I'll be a beautiful girl.

Work experience ended, back at school. Missing the freedom of being in London, but enjoying being at school with people my own age, although being the end of the school year everyone is rather restless, and I've been spending most of my time trying in earnest to focus but failing, and dreaming of summer which seems like it's forever away because of the grim weather but plagued with the knowledge it's actually like, next week. I got moved in Physics for turning round. TURNING ROUND, so I spent the last half an hour trying to carve 'do not slut shame' next to where someone had written 'SLUT' into the unused desk at the back of the science classroom that hasn't been replaced since the school was built in 1965. It's riddled with graffiti and it's like a rite of passage to vandalise school property (to a minimal extent, and I was only following suit of thousands before me so don't send me to jail).

With all of this ~suMmer that is supposed to be happenin', I'm trying to seek inspiration from colours before it's winter again, so I've been finding myself scouring Etsy with searches such as 'Psychedelic scooter dress', 'Peach skort', and 'Neon shell top'. (The second item of which I found and bought.) I'm meant to be going on holiday and can't be dealing with the stress of not being able to layer clothes as it will be 30-40 degrees. Wah.

The bow. Source Unknown.
Mary Quant campaign.
Colour awesomeness in a shift dress.
Reminds me of Virgin Suicides a la 1960s. US film title: The dolls,  Original Title: Le Bambole.
I love the stark contrast of the tights to the dresses, and the continuity. The powers of a trend.
I went to the cinema and for Paramounts 100th birthday or something they played  'You're the One that I want' from the movie Grease, I'd never appreciated the aesthetic before, despite my mum's teenage obsession with Olivia Newton John still being marginally present.
Sandy gawn bad. Grease.
Beauty embodied. Source Unknown.
Quadrophenia. My auntie and uncle were real life mod and modettes back in the day, and my mum has all these cool badges that my uncle gave her. She also used to get picked up by him on his scooter after middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL. 
I can't tell if this is a repro photo or legitimate stuff. It's perfect and pink anyway. Source Unknown.
Is this a bond film? Sorry, Source Unknown.
I would assume this is a magazine called 'Petticoat', otherwise, Source Unknown.
Does anyone else look so good putting make up on. Twiggy.
Dem 60s chicks. Source Unknown.
The tights! The tights! Source unknown.
Most overly screen capped movie ever, but visually pleasing. Moonrise Kingdom.
Skeeter in 'The Help', an amazing movie. I really recommend it.
I am mildly obsessed with patterned tights at the moment, I've accumulated 3 pairs of Mary Quant tights, and I was most upset to discover my mum had thrown away my neon pink and blue ones from my neon fad in year 7. (Also known as THE neon fad. I wasn't alone in this embarrassing endeavour). I also found a typewriter like Skeeter's that my mum bought two years ago at a car boot for 50p that I sort of stole and now resides on top of my wardrobe. I took it to school about two months ago, that was an experience, but I'm now a fully functional typewriter empress. I can do the ribbons and use the brush and everything. Another exciting piece of news, I bought saddle shoes. Mine are more like Bonnie's from the Virgin Suicides' that the conventional Bass sort of ones, but I love them, I got cat eye glasses too (such as like Skeeter's above, again), with clear plastic lenses, not the sunglasses type, and  although I have 20/20 vision so they actually impair it a bit as the lenses go all musty but no pain no gain. Teachers don't even question it because they probably think 'they're obviously real because you can't get glasses that aren't prescription' WELL YOU CAN. IT'S CALLED EBAY. But I have fooled them. In fact I've bought a lot over the past couple of months, roughly 80% of my wardrobe I'd say, so more in depth reviews of such clothes items

(Couldn't resist, sorry. Moonrise Kingdom, which I haven't even seen, because It's not being shown where I live.)

Hopefully you found these pictures as wonderful as I did upon finding them. Please email me if you know any sources of them or want them removed, not that I'm important enough for anyone to notice).


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  1. I actually want to voodoo curse teachers for punishing you for doing NOTHING

    I got detention in grade school for turning around and shrugging at my BFF
    and the teacher said I turned my head and talked

    good to know injustice from teachers is universal and endemic