Thursday, July 12, 2012

If you believe in magic, come along with me, we'll dance until morning 'til there's just you and me

On Saturday I took my sister to see Katy Perry's new movie, she is 11 so it's acceptable. (Of course I didn't want to go, who would like a film about bright colours, candy, make up-less popstars and have it be an excuse to eat many sweets in the process of this treacherous ordeal? Beats me.)

The cinema exterior is something I've never appreciated before. It's pretty so there's a few cinema appreciation pictures to come. I wore some bowling shoes I bought from Etsy for £20. Mum hates them but she just DOESNT UNDERSTAND. One even has 'I love you' written on the side of it, which toootally wasn't one of the main reasons for buying them, the attractive idea of an american dream type summer romance in the 70s didn't sway me at all.

The cinema.
Me sitting awkwardly on some railings.
Me leaning awkwardly against some railings.
I'm wearing m newest pair of deadsotck Mary Quant tights, they were £3.50 from Ebay, and the dress was from Rokit for £25. A lot of money I know but I only had an hour to make a decision and it was my last day and so it was sort of impulse but I like it, and my Kodak Brownie camera case that I have transformed into a bag.

Cinema again.

The back of my shoes. I'm an american 6 really but I can deal with my feet slipping around a bit inside them. My sister took this, unfortunately, I'm not a contortionist.

'I love you'.

The shoes. The shoes.

More shoes.

I walked my paper round for the first time ever and I must have looked like a complete and utter creep taking these pictures. As you may well be able to see, I took it from peering out over a bush, hence the twig, I must have looked like such a stalker if anyone saw me, it was 'Get a Clue' style creeping (Disney film with Lindsay Lohan in), but worth it because the car is beautiful, and a blue version was in Harry Potter.

In other news, I was looking at all of the previews of collections for Spring/Summer 2013 on, and at Autumn/Winter 2012, I'm loving the lurex tights of Chanel, I've been watching many on Ebay since the glittery socks of Spring/Summer 2012 Meadham Kirchhoff, and after searching 'Mary Quant' on the hunt for tights on EBay and coming across 'sparkle socks', so it's a matter of time before they're across the length and breadth of the country in Topshop and New Look. The whole Boucle trend also seems to be emerging and 60s silhouettes also seem rife; never a bad thing.

I am also waning in my enthusiasm for school and looking forward to Summer exuberant amounts. The constant feed of pictures from the Rookie Road trip on my Instagram (@hollielillian) isn't helping in my wish for freedom, but they're also a 24/7 visual feast so I shouldn't complain.

Thank you for reading, I really ought to do my Geography now.


  1. The shoes are beautiful, oh my god.

    1. Thanks! I'm completely wonderstruck at my belonging of them and their existence. (Ok not quite but it's not too much of an exaggeration) XXX