Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's twin peaks, and it's very in

I made a playlist on Friday in this free period lesson we have once a fortnight at school. We have to fill in a 'what do i hope to achieve this lesson?' and 'what did you do this lesson?' sheet, and for the whole time I just read Weetzie Bat and googled Prom pictures (I've been anointed as a member of prom committee at school!!!!!!!) and song lyrics, so I couldn't write that. Instead I wrote that I did textiles coursework, bending the truth a lil bit.

I made it into an actual thing on Friday night, and I undertook putting it on 8tracks, but it takes so long. I might try again at some point but for the moment here's the songs:

1)Ghost World theme tune
2)The Children of the Revolution
3)Life is Life - Noah and the Whale
4) Lust for Life - Girls
5)Wouldn't it be nice - The Beach Boys
6)Playground Love - Air
7)Twin Peaks theme tune
8)Mariella - Kate Nash
9)Off to the races - Lana Del Rey
10)Daydream Believer - The Monkees

I tried to mingle the creepy (theme songs 1, 6, 7) with the longing for (4, 5, 9, 10) with the odd matter of fact perky songs (2, 3 and 8), to reflect what I'm feeling right now.

Also, I found out a couple of weeks ago that I'm in a book! Someone else told me after recognizing me assuming I'd know already and I was like 'you what now huh what when why how i didn't know huh what!?' - all of this taking place over facebook chat. So yeah in September 2010 when I was just 13 I went to Somerset house to see the exhibition part of london fashion week which was stupendous anyway but while there Scott Schuman (of the Sartorialist) came up to me and asked to take my picture. Embarrassingly, I didn't even know who he was. HOW did I not know who he was. I hadn't really properly discovered the internet by then though, perhaps that's why, I'd started my first blogpost a couple of months before this and had an interest in fashion but this was like, something else. The photo was then on Teen Vogue's website a month later - which someone else also had to tell me. At london fashion week a few other street style photographers took my photo as well and I never asked who they were, I wish I had done so, though. I think it was due to being so young, and looking younger than I am, people thought I was barely 12 at the time because that's what they said in the comments on The picture went up a month after he took it, and it was, and still is really surreal. People at school didn't even believe me that it had happened and by this time I had googled and searched and was quite aware of how big this was and I couldn't even talk about it because they thought I was lying. That was annoying.

Anyway this is the book! I'm on page 238. I would post a picture but It feels so strange putting my old self out to the world. I think when you're growing up, you're finding yourself and figuring out all that who am I stuff, and as you get older you're able to channel it better. In two years from now I'll probably cringe at the person I am now, but my point is that as a teenager, you'll always have a teensy bit of animosity towards the person you were before. I do anyway, but the link to the post on The Sartorialist is here. My whole awkward block brace situation doesn't do me any favours. My teeth used to be completely bucked. But, I'm still overly happy that I was included in the book and how cool is it to say that you were on The Sartorialist at 13 and in a published book at 15, and the comments on the picture are absolutely lovely. 

~sly reversion back to the autumny purpose of this post~ These below are some screencaps from freaks and geeks that I have saved on my computer. I see these images floating around Tumblr from time to time but I don't think this show gets enough appreciation aesthetic wise, because I've never seen the show - not with the price amazon are asking for the box set - I can't judge on plot wise, but any story about an A grade mathlete student revolting and becoming associated with the stoners, questioning religion and LIFE in general while staying relatively academic and retaining some dignity gets a pre-watched approval from me. It actually sounds a bit like me recently. Maths, physics and french make me want to become like Lindsay Weir; if it weren't for the fact I have only 41 physics lessons remaining in my entire life and roughly similar amounts left for maths and french, I probably would self combust and implode with incompetence, although the youtube video of my physics teacher singing a simon and garfunkel song circulating the school right now will make my next lesson more bearable due to the certainty of it being mentioned.

 The nerdy, slightly grandpa-y colour co-ordination, over saturated but muted hues and clothes layering accompanied by the tiny but much envied details such as the barrettes and the collars and the school folders make the whole thing to die for. Can I live in this awesome decade crossover and go to an american high school asap please?

Writing about the show has now made me desperate to see it really really soon.

This is a bit unrelated but I included this Virgin Suicides screencap because of the same sort of autumnal feel. They're wearing summer uniform but the sun is absent again, the soft iridescence just makes for an all the more better summer/winter  harmonious combination. I want to marry this season already.

Included for the same reasons, the colours really. Perhaps the contrast between the sky and the red drew me to this but it's saved in the depths of my folders with no source attached. Bum. The caption alone makes me wish I knew what It's from, I even googled the caption but found nothing.

This below is a picture I took last Wednesday, in a dress my mum bought me for £15 from a local vintage shop. It was in the tiniest corner and had marked on it that it was given to the shop in 2007. This beautiful thing has been there since 2007. I call it my stevie nicks dress because well, the sleeves.

I printed the picture off and scanned it with a book behind then cropped it to look like a polaroid. I'm living a lie here, it's not authentic unfortunately.

My boots with my skirt from Ebay for £7 underneath my dress. I am tempted to spray paint some witches onto the front of these boots, which are from Camden Market by the way, and are still too big for me despite logic telling me I'd grow into these when I bought them age 13.

This post is really disjointed so I apologise but I don't want to have so much to say just put off posting anything. Which happens. TTFN.


  1. Oooh, I've just recently watched the first six episodes of Freaks and Geeks (thanks to the library). I love it. Sam Weir is absolutely my favourite, but Millie (second picture) is pretty adorable, I love the way she dresses.
    That photo of you is so cool. also, congratz on the satorialist thing. You look adorable! Have you died your hair blonde?

    Eryn xx

  2. That photograph of you is adorable. What an awesome thing that you appear in his book. You take lovely pictures. I love the autumny feel that your photographs have.

  3. I watched Freaks and Geeks (and MSCL for that matter) on Youtube; you just type in what episode you want and someone has uploaded the whole of the series, and it's actually pretty good quality. I discovered it after being left down-heartened from Amazon and eBay as well, so just thought I'd inform you:)

  4. That playlist is so Rookie-style!

    I love this post! <3 Xxx

  5. You look ever so lovely in your Stevie Nicks dress x

  6. Oh mah gosh bro!!!! Your in the satorialist book!!!!!!! You're so super super cool and lucky!!!!!
    And: that photo of your shoes is one of the most perfect photos i have ever seen.
    Also: your etsy shop is really awesome and I follow you, I'm unicornconnect and I will probably buy your zine soon, if it doesn't sell out that is;)

  7. I watched Freaks and Geeks with watchonlinefreetv. Good quality. But it doesn't work on every computer, otherwise just youtube. And that is a really beautiful dress.