Sunday, October 07, 2012

Lust for Life

My weekend has consisted of going to see the Perks of being a Wallflower (who didn't?), making t shirts, climbing trees in town at 7 o clock at night and gallivanting off to London as a spur of the moment thing. I rarely make plans or have a social life and things are usually planned to minute detail, but this weekend was different. I felt like I didn't actually waste the past two days of my life, and I'm not feeling deflated because of the weekend coming to an end because 1) I'm very tired and 2) I WENT OUTSIDE OF MY HOUSE. So on Saturday I went and watched the Perks of being a Wallflower, sour cola bottle sweets and pick and mix in tow. I knew from reading the book that it would be good. Stephen Chbosky wrote it and directed the film so it was bound to be, it was his creation in the first place, and I knew before seeing it that I'd overthink it and analyse it for the following few months and that I'd leave feeling strange - Emma Watson with an American accent alone is enough to cause this. I keep blurting out really philosophical questions catalysed by a 4 hour long conversation that  I had a few weeks ago with a friend that spanned everything and anything strange from the size of the universe to whether we all see the same colours or not and my peers are sick of these said questions, blurting out WILL YOU SHUT UP before I've finished saying something that boggles my brain, and after seeing this film there are a torrent more questions like these floating around in my mind, I'm quite meticulous with detail. Anyway go and see it.

It inspired me and the friends I saw it with to live more in the moment, I don't know. So we bought some brownies and discussed catching a train somewhere in the summer without a plan while climbing trees (attempting). This sort of escalated into catching a train to london the next day, and weirdly it actually happened. We didn't expect it to but I found myself on a train at 7:50 this morning with Amber and Flora. Heck, at 1 o clock we were cycling like maniacs on boris bikes down the strand trying to avoid being pulverized by taxis and buses fighting their way through the pot hole ridden london thoroughfare. If that's not Carpe Diem don't know what is. We cycled from Spitalfields to Soho where we went for lunch at an American Diner. 

In a tiny music shop somewhere in Piccadilly maybe.

Outside of the diner.


Le front.

Flora back in the music shop.

Floras burger.

Flo's milkshake and jukeboxes that were on the bar and you could pick songs!!! However I'm not technologically competent so I didn't even attempt to try and pick one.

My boot, skirt, floor and a seat.

Flora and I. I have my hole patch on my mohair sweater. It's only the third time I've worn this jumper but It seems like more from my blog. 

Neon Signage!!!

'No dancin' in the aisles'.

Artsy angles guys ~ooo~

The best food in existence. Amber's waffles.

Condiments and straws.

 I have a tonne more pictures but I thought that may be enough! We also went to oxford street where we went in the flagship Topshop that supplies maps to help you navigate the FIVE FLOORS - including a built in cafe in the store, mayfair - where we visited fortnam and masons and felt entirely out of place when we went up to the fifth floor that we now know is exclusive to billionaires only, however there were eyeball shaped chocolates that I'd have been tempted to buy if it weren't for the price, knightsbridge where we went to Harrods and saw a load of monsters waiting for Lady Gaga to arrive at 7.30, I so wanted to stay but due to fickle things like school we had to leave at 6.30, and we also passed through the tourist traps like piccadilly circus and trafalgar square. I didn't eat dinner because of how full I was after going to Ed's diner. I had a chicken burger and brownies for dessert. It was so so so so so so so good, fully recommend due to both the food and the cheery waiter who kept singing along to the music.

These below are from Saturday, it made sense for me to put the ones from today on first, because I'm chronological like that obviously.

In the toilets at the cinema. I've become sort of interested in bathroom aesthetic actually just because of the colour schemes and dated-ness of them all. That totally isn't Mary-Ann climbing on a loo to torment Flora in the next one over.

Frankie and a toothpaste machine.

This is one of the t shirts I made! It says 'Teen Witch' on it with a pentacle that has old celtic symbols in each section majig, I cut the end off to mak it shorter. I also made a HOLE one and a LOSER one. 

The necklaces are vintage. The one that I call my eye necklace was 33p and it's of my best purchases ever.

You can't really see the celtic symbols as they're pale and in grey but still.

Phew. Hope you had a good weekend and can attempt to enjoy school this week despite the monotonous drone of it all. 



  1. Ohmygosh, your weekend sounds like the best ever. I haven't seen Perks yet, but I'm super excited. I mean, EMMA WATSON.

    I love your blog, follower! :)


  2. That sounds so amazing! Now I totally want to go on a spur of the moment adventure. everything looks so magical and I really want a Teen Witch shirt I hope you will sell some on etsy?
    Also, I don't know if our theories are the same but whether or not we all see the same colours is one of my most troubled thoughts, and nobody understands it.

    Eryn xx

  3. omigod, please put those shirts on etsy!!! Or at least tell me how you made them ahaha :)

    Loved this post <3

    Lydia x

  4. Your shirt is perfect!!!Oooh that diner looks fab,I'm going to a one in my city (Newcastle baby) for my birthday! xx

  5. Aw your life looks so amazing :)) Ed's diner is my favourite place ever, I had the butterscotch milkshake and burger there and it was so fun and the music is really good! T-shirt/ jumper/ eyeliner/ everything is amazing <3

  6. wowowow okay I definitely wanna buy that shirt from your etsy?? IT IS SO PERFECT. damn. all of these photos are perfect :D