Saturday, December 22, 2012

Earth will be reborn

It's the 22nd of December! Nearly Christmas! Rejoice! Due to exams in January I won't be blogging much over the holidays but I will be back. Christmas is good because 1) Time off school 2) Food 3) Presents 4) Food 5) Tacky decorations 6) Food. These pictures below are all christmass-y and tacky and whimsical and sparkly and scary and sort of stale looking just like winter.

Also yikes Christmas trees can be beautiful. The white one below had me staring at it for a life time. ALSO at Megan's birthday party in an American diner on the 1st, they were playing the movie White Christmas and Abi and I were 'OMG ADBFQBADKSAF'-ing all the way through. That film is the basis of this post. That film embodies Christmas. That film is perfect. The following 5 screencaps of it are perfect.

EEEE it's performing and glitz and glamour and tinsel and feathers and I'm so happy it was playing in the diner.

More lovely Christmas trees that I don't have sources for.

Showgirls from Tumblr.

For the tinsel and colours. Sorry I don't have sources for these either!

70s tacky artificial Christmas trees gawky posing woman and unsuspecting cat. No sources for these either but probably home shot film pictures that just got lost in the swathes of Tumblr.

Black cat with green eyes (also my twitter name because I won't give up until I own one). I've seen so many around recently and I took a picture of one on a disposable camera that I have yet to be developed. The other day I got locked out for an hour and twenty minutes and my phone died (then miraculously turned on again then died again?) so I was stranded and left to sit in the pitch black and freezing cold on my front wall in just my school uniform and a coat with nothing to do, but a black cat came along and sat next to me so I sat stroking it and singing Beatles songs (the LOOK AT ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE aka me lyric in Eleanor Rigby was shrieked particularly loudly) for 15 minutes until I thought my feet were about to fall off with frostbite so then I hobbled to a shop to stand under a heater reading celebrity magazines for half an hour to hobble back and sit for a bit more. The Christmas tree on the right is my favourite. Again, no sources, sorry.

A granny with a silver tree and a kinderwhore girl. The granny picture is like a part 3 to the home taken pictures above and the pageant girl reminds me of those cheesy American holiday programmes and I expect her to swirl around with a huge grin and start to dance and twirl with a candy cane and kick in time with a chorus of other girls.

IN OTHER NEWS I've basically been wearing this sort of thing colours wise. My sister took these the other day. Not exactly  showing my outfit but I wore a vintage slip from the SA which was £1, a black crimplene dress from eBay for £5, a broderie anglaise collar from a haberdashery shop near me for 50p,  a cameo necklace I got for Christmas 3 years ago and an alphabet letters necklace I made myself. I made my secret Santa a 'WINONA FOREVER' one and she wore it and it was fabulous and she is a Winona fan and said I was the cutest person she knows once. All the Christmas presents I received were equally brilliant and I got glitter temporary tattoos from 2 people, a tiara and plastic beads from my secret santa, alphabet letter beads, a ton of food and sweets and black lipstick, a Hole CD and lace for my hair and people know me too too well ok. 

As well as present giving week it was also sort of 'how much can i shove in my rats nest without being excluded' week and I had ribbons, flowers and barrettes in there.

Hopefully I'll have a new camera by new year and photos won't be grainy any more but for the time being good bye and have a good Christmas (said that word too many times in this post).


  1. WOW this is a FANTASTIC post and it makes me so EXCITED. The being tacky and whimsical and sparkly and scary and sort of stale looking of Christmas are exactly what make it so amazing. And glittery temporary tattoos I am so jealous!!!

  2. I wish I had your hair, as well as everything you put in it! (love the Winona necklace you made for your friend too!)