Thursday, December 27, 2012

Room part 2 and CHRISTMAS

Happy belated Christmas all! I got my new camera(Canon 600d) and I am using it constantly it is the best and I want to eat it. I bought it with my savings from Etsy sales and some Christmas money. I also got some headphones, the Rookie yearbook, a dress from Etsy, a skirt from Etsy, a glitter phone case, the Casual Vacancy, a vintage suitcase, sweets, loads of craft stuff and everything I wanted. I didn't even write a list but my mum knows me too well.

As it's the end of the year I thought I'd be retrospective and get out all my diaries from 2012. So here they are. The green one was my first 2012 diary. It's made from my auntie's old chemistry textbook she gave to me years ago. I've never showed this one here before but I took it to Iceland with me and everyone was like wHY ARE YoU CARRYING A CHEMISTRY TEXTBOOK. It was my 2nd journal/diary ever. My first one was one I started last November but it isn't brilliant. My next one is a shrubs book I bought from the SA and turned into a journal, all the pages have pictures of flowers on so I feel bad writing in it. I started that one in May. The tartan one is probably my favourite - I use it everyday but It's nearly finished. The fortune teller one is more of a journal than a diary and it's more ongoing than the others.

I never showed you any pages from the textbook journal so here are a few. 

This is the doily in the front of my shrubs diary.

Below is what I wore on Christmas day. I will probably post a HELLUVA lot more outfit posts because these pictures took like 1 attempt each compared to 30 attempts and still not getting a decent picture. 

I got the dress for Christmas, but it's from Etsy. It has ric rac around the sleeves and on the hem and it is tiny so I have to wear my slip from the SA underneath.

You can see the pattern of the dress better here, and I have worn this necklace for roughly a week because I CANT GET IT OFF WITHOUT CUTTING IT HELP.

I also said if I saw any more cool room pictures I'd post them.

I saw this on Tumblr with no source - I think it's a room but it could be a shop.

This photoset on Rookie is one that I saw when it was put up and was amazed by it and then I forgot about it until just now when it popped into my head. I hope it's legal to post these pictures.

One of my favourite sources of bedroom inspiration is from fellow bloggers so have a look at Roma's room and Flowers' room (there are way more cool blogger peoples' rooms and but they have escaped my mind and I will link them when I remember/find them).

Hope you all had a great Christmas!



  1. your room is just amazing! especially the shelves. I love your diaries as well

  2. WHY HAVEN'T I DISCOVERED YOUR BLOG BEFORE. This is sooo brilliant. I mean boom. My world is officially rocked.

    And you are extremly perfect.

    And those rings are killin me soooo awesome.

    I followed because I love your blog so much. I would be honored if you would check out mine <33


  3. I am in love with your dress. And omg omg omg your room is perfect! I just moved so I need to do my room again, so this is 'inspiring'. Also I will send my care package next week!


  4. At first i typed that this was bedroom porn, then i realised most porn is bedroom porn but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. This post is an embarrassment, i am going to crawl away now.

  5. your room is sick I love it so much , I might infiltrate .. Lol that sounded creepy , but I might

  6. Your room looks super cool! and love that dress you got for christmas I'm jealous!

  7. In love with your room (and your diaries/journals, really want to see more of the pages!)
    Your blog is beautiful dear.

  8. Oh My god I absolutely love your blog! Its so good I love your outfit in the first photos they are to die for...super jealous!! haha

    come visit...