Tuesday, April 02, 2013

mint fantasia

My Journal (that Ibe gave me) where I tried to copy the type font of a disney vinyl, a vintage postcard and a picture of me last summer.

Last week I said I felt as if I had given up on this blog but since then I have been weirdly motivated to come on here more. I DON'T UNDERSTAND MY BRAIN. But it's good because I know I definitely want to carry on blogging. It might be to do with the fact I'm off school and the fact I'm able to choose what I wear instead of being confined to school uniform. Maybe it's making me think more. I am primarily doing revision these holidays (she says) but I hopefully am meeting up with some blogger people on Friday and doing a photo shoot on Monday (she says).  Most of my plans seem to fall through though so I don't know.

My sister in my room.

Arrangement in my room with the record I tried to copy the font of below.

A picture I took of my sister by the same place.

I have been trying to make my room into more of an organised mess rather than a chaotic mess. It has resulted in colour coding and grouping of similar objects together kinda by accident. I got that DECCA radio about 3 years ago at a car boot sale, lace/broderie anglaise square from my textiles teacher (she offloads anything lace onto me), candle from my primary school, spelling bee book from a car boot sale, SA broach, eBay necklace, vintage postcard, Enid Blyton books, a journal, random patch, glow in the dark star and 40s picture.

All my records, stones I have collected, candle from Ibe, fan from Malta, random patches, SA medicine bottle and daisy ring.

More books and a journal, Joni Mitchell CD in the background and a record.

~my pile of school books is really tidy~ ~my legs are really pale~ ~hair is too triangle shaped when i wear it down so bjork buns it is~ 

70s panel skirt I scavenged for on eBay after I saw a similar one on Tessa's Etsy. Except that one was nicer (I am just poor).

Another picture of Harriet in my room.

More attempted/failed copying of text.

Boscombe beach on Friday.

American Apparel socks, eBay glitter sandals.

The last picture I took of Harriet.

- Hollie


  1. your outfit is so nice and the pictures of your sister in your room are just #perfect

  2. ahha these are amazing <3

  3. i love your room! and the last pic of your sister omg. also that skirt... <3

    x itsrainingblueumbrellas.blogspot.com

  4. the pictures of your sister are goorrgeoouuusss wow. <3

  5. Such gorgeous photography! I admire your blog so much, it's one of the reasons that I began blogging :) Much love, Jade

  6. your room is extremely lovely and motivates me to go work on mine. also <3 that shirt!!

  7. My goodnesssss i love every single thing here! First your photography is very sweet and personal, second i love your room, journal and room decor and third your outfit is so so cute. You have motivated me a lot to start blogging again!

  8. I am loving your photographs lately. Especially the ones of your sister, so idyllic! Yay I am so glad you are going to continue blogging :)!

  9. hollie you're incredible!!!!! i love your page more and more everyday


  10. These photos are giving me major inspiration to pick up my camera!
    I'm obsessed with all your stuff :-)

    The Lovelorn

  11. I love the photos of your sister, they're so ethereal. I really love the panel skirt and the whole outfit actually. I've been looking for a skirt like that for a while, but no luck yet!

  12. Love your style and the style of your photos. The ones of your sister are so... I don't even know what.
    Have a lovely weekend ^^

  13. so pretty! cute outfits and lovely blog!

  14. you are stupid cute. love your photos!

  15. You know I love your pictures of your sister, they are REALLY good.

  16. Amazing photos, I love your blog xx