Saturday, April 06, 2013


My blog title has changed yet again. When I can muster $10 together I'll get a custom domain too. Ch ch ch ch changez. The reason for the alteration is sort of not wanting to plagiarise because it was previously an altered album title. The Ditzy part of the new one means 'silly and scatterbrained' which basically embodies the fact this whole blog is basically just a splurge of thoughts, usually not cohesively, and the 'whimzy' bit is a variation of whimsy which means playfully quaint or fanciful, meaning attractively unusal or old fashioned and overimaginative and unrealistic respresenting my infatuation with the past and slight romanticism of it. I think it fits well? I promise IT SHALL NOT CHANGE AGAIN.
From watching Grease (specifically the opening sequence which reminded me of the Beatles' submarine sort of era) a couple of weeks ago and the series called Lightfields (lots of yellows AND while I am here GFD#FKNpDBNjAL watch it it was so good, possibly even on a par with Marchlands which I saw two years ago and this series was a follow up to) that was recently on ITV and with the approaching changing seasons I've been really into wearing psychedelic patterns, (hence the blue paisley dress and the beige dagger collar shirt I wore last week and two other items of clothing I bought but have yet to wear) but in a more sort of subdued manner as well as in brighter colours. So, repeating patterns, mod dresses, nature (and Nat Geos in general), 50s disneyland, Peter Blake etc but in beige and hazy tones as well as opaque, primary ones. I sit here writing this in beige 70s platforms. I have already included way too much text in brackets.

I love this photoset by Julia Baylis for the muted colours afore mentioned and aspect of the unknown captured within them, foreign places, adventure. The sort of promises summer holds. I have had a surge of wanderlust recently and my desire to travel as I get older only increases. About a month ago a friend and I spent an hour in Waterstones in the travel section, admiring the handbooks and spinning the model globe in front of us looking at how big the world is, in comparison to our tiny island, how much there is to see, pinpointing the places we wish to visit, skimming our fingers across the matte surface as it spun around I couldn't help but daydream about what is out there. A burgeoning interest in photography also makes me want to see interesting places now I can appreciate the beauty of them more, I only notice cool looking stuff more frequently as time progresses. My previous journal was all made from old National Geographic cutouts and most excerpts from the diary part of it are about ~dem deep thoughts~ like time being almost tangible and irreversible. I don't feel much different mentally from when I was 13 but I could have achieved so much in the two years that have passed since. I feel like I am wasting time, most of the time. Moments like standing in a field in Iceland outside our log cabins  in the pitch blackness with only the moon for light, slightly illuminating the silhouette of the mountains that were literally SURROUNDING us, gossiping and laughing about the days events with snow starting to fall while we shivered but couldn't feel the cold because of the pure elation make me realise how special things can be. I want more of these moments. It is a weekly conversation how good the school trip I went on to Iceland last year was, and it has made everyone desire to see more of the world, I think. It was so breathtaking and surreal YET real. The following picture moodboard/arrangements (sources relevant to pictures going clockwise from top left) follow the same theme, (unattainable?) fantasy, psychedelia, surrealism, the sorts of places I guess you'd be more susceptible to believe exist if you were on an acid trip or inside a Kaleidoscope. Also see Rosie Hardy and Tim Walker.

John Austen, Ro Van Derbeat.

Peter Blake, The Wizard of Oz, 1960s colour blocked fashions in Sputnik Magazine, Beatles print.

The print of my shirt.

Biological by Air (I think my parents are sick of hearing this song).

Synchrodogs' new photos in Novembre magazine #6, John Austen, Fantasyland  in 1956.

The opening sequence to grease.

Various Beatles art.

Hyperballad by Bjork ""I find it so amazing when people tell me that electronic music has no soul. You can't blame the computer. If there's no soul in the music, it's because nobody put it there." - Bjork". If you want me to talk about how brilliant Iceland is again I can start right here with Bjork???

Unknown, bottom half of a the Vivian Girls album, Unknown, Courtney Love still from Violet.

Lightfields trailer.

Andes, south America by Dmitri Kessel, SourceSourceSource.

Kate Compton by Neil Favila, styled by Yuka Iwasaki and Mia Cirelli at Salvation Mountain.

Salvation Mountain.

2 pictures of Iceland by me, 4 pictures by Petra Collins from 'Summer of Love, part 1'.

60s psychedelic album art (TR Jimi Henrix, BR The Zombies).

Unknown, Petra Collins, Unknown, Nat Geo scan of mine.

Grease, Jimi Hendrix, Unknown, Source.

This music video directed by Petra Collins AND the song itself is amazing.



  1. All of this inspiration is wonderful and perfectly on point (you have inspired me) (thank you I have been dreadfully uninspired lately).
    I definitely relate to the wanderlust thing; it's occupying most of my thinking space as of late.

  2. i'm very obsessed with psychedelia: colours, sound, the conception of space, font, patterns...
    so i really appreciate this post, also because i'm trying to do an architecture research so connected to this mood.

  3. Love the new title concept, and all the pictures are super inspiring

  4. Your blog is perfect. I can totally relate to your wanderlust, and those 70's platforms, oh my goodness, I need to get new shoes... x

  5. All of these photos are so beautiful. :) Particularly the Beatles stuff...The Beatles are the best thing ever.

  6. i love the photos and music you post here! beatles art is so cool~

    [my weiroland -]

  7. I really really really really like your blog. Everything is so original and interesting. Plus you sound so incredibly mature and smart. Ugh.
    (would love to make some blogger friends)