Sunday, May 26, 2013


Pink tweed suit from eBay (I had to alter this from a size 18 to an 8 which was a feat), top from Etsy, dagger collar shirt from Ebay, Tan bowling bag from Rokit in Covent garden - it used to be my school bag in year 8 -, cream converse, topshop socks, button barrette I found that I glued last summer.

Last Saturday was me living out many Harry Potter/fangirl dreams in one go. I dressed vicariously through Dolores Umbridge (I found myself searching vintage tweed suit on eBay a month ago and found a garish pink one for £12(it was by accident but everyone has been telling me it's in her vein) and saw Jessie Cave's comedy show Bookworm at the Soho Theatre. (Jessie Cave played Lavender Brown in Harry Potter.) I discovered her website pindippy pretty much exactly a year ago and have followed her twitter/videos/instagrams ever since. I wrote a typical fangirl email to her last June/July but never sent it and once she favourited my tweet at about 1am and it was the highlight of my day/biology lesson being able to tell fellow fandom obsessee Abi the next morning. I went with my mum for my birthday because London is like, 2 hours away so it was a bit of a trek to get there. The show itself was amazing and exceeded expectations. I would definitely recommend it and do sit in the front row because her sister Bebe will give you gingerbread. If you want a more accurate less contained version of events see here. I think I may be going again this month but then again maybe not - It depends on travel arrangements and stuff, but do go! I may meet you! We can discuss Jessie Cave over the internet together afterwards!

Me, cakes in Soho.

My feet on the floor of a bookshop in Soho.

Ed's Diner.

Some film photos from last weekend. The top one at Baker Street station was going to be the outfit photo part of this post but I opened the back of the camera by accident while I was absent mindedly fiddling with stuff so it has a light leak. I had bjork buns last Saturday because my hair was too long and dead and horrible. I had it cut yesterday though so I took some photos today, hence why my hair is down in them.

I think Dolores Umbridge's office is severely underrated.

The cat plates, desk, balloon lamp, curtains, carpet.

See mohair, lace and chaise lounge. 

Note tea cup.

Notice boucle cape and brooch.

It's half term now so I'm catching up with outfit posts. I've done over half of my exams and they have been ok to good with the exception of Physics. God help me with physics. After June 17th I am free for the summer so I'm counting down already.

- Hollie


  1. Gah this outfit is so good. And Mrs Umbridge is really cool but she is like the meanest person ever so dilemmas! I wish I could go to bookworm ):
    Oh and your hair is so cute! xxxx

  2. Your wardrobe bows me away everytime!! I love how you styled your chic wee skirt suit with converse, that's adorable!

  3. yr hair is so adorable omgomgomggggggg <33 i absolutely love jessie cave and i'm so jealous of you going to bookworm! and happy late birthday :3


  4. Love your Bjork buns! I'm gonna have to check out the Bookworm shop since I live in London :)

  5. everything is just so cute asdfgkksa i can't. i am totes in love with that outfit and i wish i could have gone to bookworm too :(((( good luck in the rest of your examssssss


  6. this is so perfect! your suit is better than umbridges haha

  7. the suit is amazing and i'm very impressed by your alterations! i've only just started following your blog but am loving what i see. :)

  8. Hey,
    amazing outfit and great pictures! I love your style.

  9. um, i'm being a creep here, a huge creep, but i want to marry this blog.

    You are the prettiest girl i have ever seen, i'm totally serious, believe me. You are so so so pretty. and your style is so great <3 your outfit is completely beautiful. and yay for dolores umbridges style. we have a teacher who is exactly like her, like, the voice, the speaking, everything, but she just wears jeans and tshirt.


  10. Oh! you're so beautiful, I can't TAKE IT!
    love ya girl! <3

  11. This concept is mind-blowing

  12. this is like the most perfect thing ever and I really like your blog and all your analogue photography!

  13. That is just adorable. You are such a cute thing <3
    (That sounds wayyyy more patronizing than i'd like, I mean it sincerely!)
    That little matching outfit is just exquisite!

  14. absolutely love love love your blog xxx

  15. I only just noticed, I agree her office is totally underrated! I have a teacher who (in personality) is just like her, but unfortunately doesn't have the outfits or office... *sigh*
    I love the outfit too! xx

  16. The outfit is perfection and the bunches? I can't even! Love this post xx

  17. AHHHH these photos are just so great...I know I have probably said this like a billion times already but I have to day I am pretty sure your blog is my fave...out of like the whole world...which is a pretty big deal..well for me anyway haha

  18. Love your tweed suit combination would very much love to own it.