Sunday, May 12, 2013

Prairie Girl

All of this stuff is things I've bought from the SA over the past two visits/two weeks. I used to go to where the Salvation Army shop is a lot because Winton was a sort of central meeting place for some people in my class last summer (all the people who cycle everywhere). Then I volunteered there for 6 months and obviously had the chance to buy a lot but then winter came and I stopped going because cycling in the cold is equivalent to torture. Summer is returning and I'm starting to go outside/to charity shops most weekends again instead of being a hermit and only buying things online. All these objects have a sort of yearning/melancholy aura, the warm weather/adventures sort of thing I've been wishing for this weekend while I've been sat in my room revising.  I matched my playlist to this sort of vibe by accident. The only sort of interesting/recreational activity I engaged in was redecorating my wall and trying on my prom dress with my shoes, though.

Everything was off the 20p table but he gave me a discount off of all of it I think because he knows me from volunteering.

I smashed the glass bowl around the yellow candle and discreetly picked it all up and shoved it in my bag. I was too shy to ask for help. I walked out of the SA with hundreds of shards of glass in my bag acting like nothing had happened but really I had spent 5 minutes half kneeling as to act casual yet still be hastily clearing it while my friend Lizzie just laughed.


  1. Groovy finds! I saw your prom dress on Instagram, it's so pretty. Love this playlist as well, Two Door Cinema Club is so good.


  2. i love the glass flower thing! very cool

  3. The glass flower is so so so cute!

    I've nominated you for the versatile award. If you don't want to do it, don't worry ^^

  4. love the first photo! good finds. :)