Saturday, June 15, 2013

constant in the darkness

My clothes here are all black and white. I bought the dress to replace one I bought from Etsy a couple of years ago that I've gotten too tall for (shock horror (I'm still short but taller than my previously shorter self, at least)). It was green velvet with a lace collar and pearl buttons down the front (I just found the link here). The annoying thing is that I had to take it up first of all to wear it, then I outgrew it, so if I'd have left it I could still wear it now. Anyway, I wanted a 60s dress that actually fitted me because I have a habit of buying clothes that are gargantuan. The top half is tiny pin tucks in a sheer fabric and the skirt bit is crimplene.

Dress - Vintage
Glomesh Bag (with tortoiseshell Lucite handle) - Vintage (and doesnt belong to me)

Unknown. I found similar tights in American Apparel to these and I want them.

Under appreciated things 1) patterned tights. I branched into buying vintage hosiery last summer with 3 pairs of Mary Quant tights. Only one pair hasn't laddered, which sucks. If shops sold geometrically patterned tights more I swear I would buy hundreds because the way they used to make tights seems prone to laddering which isn't great for klutzes like me and there's only so many that are available for sale online/in vintage shops. They also always seem really small and I'm not tall (as afore mentioned (as afore noticed by you, in the picture above)) so I'm perplexed as to why.

Sharone Poole.

Tights - eBay
Shoes - Gift for my birthday (brand Kenneth Cole)

My feet. You can sort of see the cutouts in the sides of my shoes. I like wearing white socks/tights with them because it makes them look more like saddle shoes. They're like saddle shoe/loafer hybrids.

Marc Jacobs SS13 by Juergen Teller. Other collections with monochrome/optical illusion-y clothes that spring to mind are Moschino SS12 and Louis Vuitton SS12, but their campaigns have bright colours in too so I haven't included pictures here.

Also, I only have one exam left (on Monday)! Then summer starts and I'm off for 12 weeks. It's all fun and games until results day in August. As a side-note I've found myself uploading things to Tumblr instead of putting them here at all more often recently. This used to be more of a record for myself only, and the fact it is a blog dedicated basically just to myself feels overwhelmingly contrived sometimes and this was ok when I didn't have to think about others seeing it. I guess I'm becoming disillusioned with Blogger as a whole but I'll try to continue to use it because I enjoy it when I do use it. Not that this occurs often. I'm sure it's just a phase.

- Hollie


  1. i really love that dress and it looks so lovely on you <3

  2. you look absolutely amazing like always. i really like your dress and the tights!

  3. That dress is so lovely and I STILL can't get over your shoes. They're amazing


  4. Amazing! I absolutely adore your style! xx

  5. I love the mod, pretty 1960's vibe in this outfit, you look gorgeous!

  6. So wonderful! Monochrome can be quite harsh and rigid looking but this is so awesomely dainty.

  7. This dress is one of the cutest dress I've ever seen!!
    Good luck for the last exam and for your summer ^^

  8. You look soo amazing! There are two type of people in my opinion - one who try be unique like you but they fail, cause they look either clumbsy or horrible in that way (when they wear everything they want) and second type is people who wear ALL the clothes they want and they will look cute, beautifull, amazing and unique. That type people is you, you are really unique! I adore you and i would like to be some day as brave as you!

  9. Love this outfit so much...the tights go so well with the shoes omg <3 <3

  10. What a perfect dress! Lovely outfit, lovely girl.
    xo, Tori Lynne

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  12. hollie hollie hollie you're so lovely, I adore your outfit! <33

  13. Cute outfit, very alice in wonderland esque :)

  14. love your blog, your style is awesome. cute shoes xx

  15. Such a cute dress and the photos are lovely! :)

  16. you seem to live in such a pretty neighborhood :) the tights are so mod, Im jealous :P

  17. That dress is incredible, also the green velvet one you grew out of is beautiful, it's a shame it doesn't fit anymore...

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