Thursday, June 06, 2013

now i think my winking days are through

Arja, 27 and Axel, 15.

Eliel, 27 and Ines, 20.

These pictures are from Hel Looks, a street style blog from Helsinki. I must have been living under a rock because I only came across it in March-ish via Tumblr. I like the sort of style featured on it, it's not so 'high' fashion, more every day casual stuff, but still really innovative and fresh (I need to rinse my mouth out and download a new vocabulary). I don't know if i's something to do with both being nordic countries, but when I went to Iceland in March 2012 the street style I witnessed while I was in Reykjavik (for only about 3 hours) was also astonishing there. We saw a man in a head to toe purple suit inc. matching top hat.

Also, Australian designer Karla Spetic is someone/something else I found out about through Tumblr. Oyster Magazine describes her AW13 collection as reminiscent of The Virgin Suicides so it shouldn't be much of a surprise I'm fawning over it.

SS14, AW13.

SS14, SS14.

AW13, AW13.

The translucent and tiered layers of the collections above remind me of Tata Naka (I may have written on my blog about Tata Naka before but I can't remember). They are one of my favourite designers.

AW13, SS13.

AW13, AW13.

AW12, AW12.

AW12, AW12.

And the same sort of thing (diaphanous, semi-sheer) again from a more minimalistic perspective, Low Classic SS13. I found this through Tumblr also.

Low Classic SS13.

Dress - eBay
Skirt - eBay
Socks - Topshop, £3.50
Shoes - Kenneth Cole (for my birthday).

An outfit from a couple of weeks back? Maybe last week? Exams are making me lose track of all time. Everything is merging in to one. I only have 5 exams left and have done 12. I am free from the 17th of June and I have so many outfits to take photos of and a photo shoot I have had planned since last July that might actually materialise. 

- Hollie


  1. Ahhhh i really love your shoes

    Great outfit


  2. Gahhhh! I love the Karla Spetic collection! The outfit is great too– there's something about the monochrome-ness and buttons that reminds me of Lemony Snicket/Edward Gorey, (maybe it's just me).

  3. this is all so perfect, all of those designers are amazing! your outfit is really cute. :)

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