Monday, August 12, 2013


I have been absent for ages! It feels as if I've forgotten how to blog. From my journal about two weeks ago: 
 "I don't remember doing anything particularly poignant to make this summer terrifically good or horrendously bad. Everything is very subdued which bothers me because everyone else seems to find events so profound. My spectrum of emotion doesn't seem to ever venture too far out of melancholy indifference to content gratification, and I have no prominent feeling to write about as a result of this. I'm not doing anything and feel sort of desensitized to the world/things."

Things that have happened since I've blogged: We had a heatwave for two weeks and I went to the beach quite a lot over this time. Bus fares and Mcdonalds has bled me dry of any money I had left in my bank account from my paper round last year. I went to Mary-Anns who lives in the middle of no where in a very cool cottage. When I arrived, her horse was in their garden. I went to an Antiques warehouse. I saw the Great Gatsby and Monsters University and ate Pizza in the gardens in town. I have had four sleepovers and I am re-reading the Harry Potter series (I'm on the Order of the Pheonix). I did work experience for a week at a photographic studio which was really good. I've been to Boscombe a few times, to a cafe in town for the afternoon. I saw a show, had two picnics, went to a party, have tried to look for a job and have visited the Harry Potter studios. Butterbeer is my new favourite drink. I met up with some internet friends in London (and caught the train there and back alone which was daunting and I felt prematurely mature). I went to a beach gathering at night and we went in the sea in the pitch black. My parents are in Poland at the moment so I stayed with my aunt this weekend. I cut 7 inches off my hair and it's now a bob (it's shorter than in the photo below because I cut it again today). I like it and I'm going to keep cutting more off inch by inch.

We went to Molly's den with my Grandma yesterday. I've been before but I didn't take my camera. This dress reminds me of the one Luna Lovegood wears to Slughorn's party (which I saw in real life two weeks ago). But this was £85.

My August project is to redecorate my room. I have gotten rid of all of my clothes/things in my room because I had an existential crisis in July. I have 2 skirts, 4 shirts, 1 top, 1 dress, a jumper and 2 pairs of jeans (all of which are new except for one skirt and the one top) left and my walls are completely bare. I want one of my walls to have psychedelic posters plastering it but the ones in the first photo were all £30+.

I wanted this bike but it is child size! I have two bikes but both are broken.

I got these shoes from Molly's den in the middle of July - they were only £5! They're a size too big but I couldn't leave them so I'll stumble around instead.

I got this mirror yesterday - I would have got it the last time I went but we cycled there and being ceramic it's really heavy so I left it. It was £10. I have needed a mirror because my old green rimmed one smashed. The 60s vase and pastel pencil pot were stolen from my mother but they're probably originally from charity shops. The tin and alarm clock were car boot sales. The painting is also my mum's and also probably from a charity shop. Fringing from a haberdashery and green bottle from the SA. This wont be like this for much longer because I'm changing most things in my room.

These two photos are the beginnings of redoing my room. I posted them on tumblr a while ago. The focus of the bottom picture is on the blind cord which is really really really annoying.



  1. Ahhhhh! It's all lovely, as always, I'm so happy you posted :)

  2. Im so obsessed with the "Happiness Is Train Shaped" patch!!!

  3. Godness I love every single thing in your room they're magical!

  4. Everything looks so lovely. You have an amazing blog!

  5. these photos are amazing and I enjoyed reading about your summer (creepy)
    ~ you can always wear those shoes in winter with thick socks and tights to look cute <3

  6. Your room looks incredibly lovely! Also your summer sounds perfect!
    My summer last year (I'm Australian) was pretty much me sitting inside everyday eating icy poles and not doing much else.

  7. You seem to have a quite pretty summer, even if you not feel the same. If you could see mine... But I've re read the all Harry Potter series too, I've finished like 24 hours ago!!

  8. I love these photos, especially the bike. I've wanted a nice bike for a long time. Your room looks so lovely! I don't have my own room, but I would love a room like that.

  9. those are the most gorgeous shoes, I constantly buy too big shoes cos my feet are so tiny. You should construct some kind of funky insole that looks like it is part of the shoe! x