Monday, August 19, 2013

every photograph and story trickled through the lengthy web of friend

Photos from when I met up with Ophelia, Ellie, Ibe and Rachel in London on the 7th. As you can see from Ellie's blog post, we went to Brick Lane, met Zachary Robinson (i even TOOK my journal with me in case I saw someone famous (for an autograph) but upon seeing him I forgot all about it), and to The East End Thrift Store. We were also photographed for Rokit's blog which may or may not be uploaded by them soon (I'll probably add the photo here).

Ophelia by Shoreditch Highstreet Station.

Rachel in a bagel shop.

Ellie outside Shoreditch Highstreet Station.

Rachel outside Shoreditch Highstreet Station.

Rachel in a vintage shop.

Ophelia in a vintage shop.

Ibe in a vintage shop.

Ophelia in the backroom of an ice cream shop. We were herded out by the owner when they saw us in there.

Portrait //heavily cropped// version of the top photo. 
Vintage Jumper - eBay £4
Black suede vintage skirt - eBay £12
Vintage tights - eBay £3 or something
80s bowling bag - Rokit £6 but from forever ago in year 8
Black/White bag - Charity shop £1
Feather barrette - Car boot sale 10p

I didn't buy anything other than American Apparel socks to replace an American Apparel sock I had lost. But I had only lost one and I had to buy them in a two so now I have three. I also bought LOVE magazine with a mysterious stain on it from an underground confectionery vendor. He conspicuously brandished a wet wipe before I ran off. I have never encountered a stall that offers gratuitous wet wipes with your purchases before. I also queued for a Krispy Kreme at 6:28 with my train leaving at 6:35, therefore abandoning any chance of purchasing dinner (priorities). However, I sat between the carriages on the floor from Waterloo to Winchester on the way back anyway to avoid anyone peering into my journal (as happened on the journey up) so eating dinner may have proved a challenge. 

- Hollie


  1. I love these photos! It's always really interesting to see all of the different pictures and stories from different perspectives when bloggers get together. It seemed like a lovely day.

  2. These photos are amazing, what camera do you use?

  3. You're so cute all together!!

  4. Zachary Robinson as in Swim-Deep-flawless-angel-drummer, zachary robinson? Thats is so cool, I mean I only idolise those guys.
    anyway i love your outfit, that oversized jumper is magnificent!

  5. Love your blog!! followed you via GFC :)

  6. I really love your photos!! Also sooo cool you meet Zachary from Swim Deep!! Looks like an awesome day!

  7. this is just too perfect! wish i could hang out with you guys <3

  8. all of these photos are so cool, looks like you had a great time. hope you check out my blog xx

  9. i have seen a lot of these photos on instagram and stuff but they never stop being perfect. oh my god you guys are so cool. it looks like such a fun day and I just want to hang out with you guyzzzz.
    also, that American Apparel sock saga is INTENSE man.

  10. great photography hunny! sounds like you had a fun day out despite having to sit on the floor on the train haha.


  11. Spotted you in YOU mag yesterday! You're blog is lovely and I love all your pictures.
    Follow me back! X

  12. Looks like so much fun I love your blog! I love the Tame Impala music too. One of my fave songs

    -Lexi xo

  13. I really love your photos!