Tuesday, September 03, 2013

the type-writered beat

I go back to school tomorrow so summer is over really. It's been good on the whole but it's been so long that it's merged into one huge void of time - I haven't had a lesson since the first few days of May because of study leave and my GCSE exams so it may take a while to get used to when I go back. I'm starting sixth form and I'm positively bricking it. I don't think I'll blog any less than I am at the moment, which is just sort of when I have anything to put here because it doesn't take long to upload things I would have anyway, if that makes any sense? Like we wear our own clothes in sixth form so I can post more outfits (if I don't resort to literally wearing jeans and a shirt everyday which is probable) and I carry my film camera everywhere too so I'll post random photos. I'll most likely post more than I have done over the summer too because I've spent the past few weeks wearing black and white only (on the whole) which wasn't very interesting; and I threw most of my clothes out/changed my room throughout July and August because I needed to purge things out of my life that I felt were stagnant. However I replaced all this stuff with more basic clothing for school so I had nothing to blog about outfits wise. I have a job now though so I'm slowly finding things on Etsy that are more interesting and for once I can afford this stuff.

These are some photos from a couple of weeks ago when we went to play tennis at the local rec.


My feet, Pam.



Top: Pam, Frankie Ellen, Bottom: Pam, Ellen.

Pam, Pam, Ellen, Frankie.


Pam, Ellen, Pam.

These photos were taken throughout the day hence why it's sunny in some and grainy in others. The photos below here are from a day where I visited a place in my county called the Blue Pool (I thought I'd include them in this post because they're blue/green such as the above). It was really awesome there and it didn't look like England whatsoever but my camera seems to be really bad quality wise at taking photos from a long distance away (I'm looking for different lenses/film) so I didn't have any from a wide angle to do it justice. 

Random vintage store we went into on the way back.

Also, I was in this article on Sunday which was quite cool. I definitely didn't say some of it so I take it that it's paraphrased (bear that in mind) also I look like a serial killer with a chucky smile and eyes like daggers (they asked for a photo in which I am smiling) I hate my smile) for now obvious reasons))).

It was in print too so it's immortalized forever.



  1. That photo of the yellow converse is perfff <3<3

  2. I saw that article in real life, wow congratulations! Also I love the coloured glass bottles, they remind me of Harry Potter-esque potions xx



  3. I absolutely adore these photos!! Especially the first 5. Ugh, good luck going back to school! And congrats on the article, some of it didn't really sound like you so I could tell they paraphrased. Anyways, it's pretty neat.

  4. these photos are so cool!! love your posts xxx sophiesfashionn.blogspot.com

  5. your photography is so beautiful <3 ugh im back at school too, i want summer back already! good luck for sixth form, so jealous you get to wear your own clothes! x

  6. These pictures are great, you look beautiful in everyone of them.

  7. I saw that article! congratsss (⌒▽⌒)

    I feel like all teenage bloggers are being compared to tavi now, and frankly it's a bit... archaic? It's just that you all are so versatile and such that it is impossible to make a comparison. but i guess tavi has created some sort of 'standard'. I don't know what i am saying haha.

    Forever in love with your photography.

  8. your blog is absolutely amazing!

  9. I always love to see your photographs - they are just simply beautiful all the time.


  10. Your photographs are so lovely! And don't worry about sixth form, it takes some getting used to but I'm sure you'll be fine :)


  11. OH congratulations for you to get featured on a magazine!!! You deserved it!

  12. Love these photos. And you're really cute in the photo of the magazine, don't worry!

  13. Omg I love your blog so much you've got a great style, and I love your photography too.
    I always try to style my hair like yours but it never succeeds...:(

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    Have a lovely time!