Tuesday, September 24, 2013


HOWWWWWWWW do you people make your photos portrait sized to fit your blog without making the quality x100 worse? (I try to resize them then put them in as original size but as you can see from the photo below and the one above the difference is insane). Anyway, finally an outfit post! Variations of this outfit have been my uniform for the past 6 weeks. I wore these exact things last Thursday though. 

Sweater - eBay £9
Shirt - eBay £7
Skirt - eBay £15
Tights - American Apparel £22
Shoes - Etsy £26

I've been buying geometrically patterned/grid prints a lot lately and I think it was spurred on from keeping a tag for anything along these lines on my tumblr (photos from the tag below).

From visiting the local art museum in summer, also in a grid print shirt from Primark for £12. I cut the hem off so it's cropped now. I've had my hair cut since then and also these photos are for my sketchbook for school so theyre posed (who takes photos without squinting yet i have my eye WIDE open).

1. Hel Looks 2. Photo by Rosa Rendi 3. Rodarte SS14 4. Jo See Paris 2013 5. Narciso Rodriguez SS14 6. Source 7. killingiteveryday 8. Source

The Rodarte SS14 and Narciso Rodriguez SS14 collection pictures here are quite random additions but the looks I have posted are very much what I'm into wearing at the moment (well it would be, if i could afford designer clothes ha h  a ha). However, I wasn't very enamored with the Rodarte collection as a whole despite the two looks above offering a slight fraction of a redemption. The polar contrasting blocks and strict tailoring of the Narciso Rodriguez looks (and entire collection) are completely my new object of adulation, though. 



  1. Love your pictures and your outfit!!


  2. perfect outfit as always, and I know what you mean with the photos. Mine are never the right size and it always takes so long to resize them all :(


  3. The quality looks fine to me and you are adorable. Love the style.



  4. Incredible outfit as always, Hollie! I love these patterns as well. And ugh, blogger is so confusing and I am quite inept, so I tend to just give up.

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  6. I love your outfit and great inspiration! i really want your tights omg


  7. i love the minimal vibes and your outfit is great, as always!

  8. Wonderful post! That jumper is amaaaaazing xoxo


  9. I love the little pic at the top ,looks like a polaroid from 1974 or something ,very nice.Keep up the splendid work hollie.mark stevens

  10. I officially love that jumper.You look so different without a fringe/make up. o.O

  11. Just stumbled across your blog, it's lovely, the textures in your pictures in particular :) !

  12. PS I'm now following your RSS in feedly, in case you wanted to know what you feedly hits were :) x

  13. I love it..
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  14. Everything is great. You're great.

  15. I love your outfit, that's a great top!


  16. Ahh monochrome, a girl after my own heart! Love this outfit :)
    Ellen eisforellen.blogspot.co.uk

  17. Really love this post! The sweater in the top post is beaut, am definitely going to invest in a piece like it!