Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fish Island

Long time no post bc I've been doing a lot out of school (we still havent broken up) eg overtime at work to pay for my car, and a photography course every Monday. But from Friday I am mainly freee and I should be posting a lot as I have a lot of new clothes. All of these photos are from the 8th of June when I met up with Antonio and Ophelia. We mainly stuck to trekking round East London (me and Antonio met in Brick Lane then went on to a sample sale in Bleach London to find Ophelia. From there we went to Fish Island to take photos). I'd met Ophelia before, a year ago, but I started talking to Antonio a couple of years ago on tumblr and this was the first time in real life. I had to size these down then enlarge them to 'original size' to make them fit my blog so better quality versions will be on Antonio's blog.

My face has never been quite so full frontal and I was so nervous before because I assumed that would be the case. As long as I don't look too long at any picture I'm not too weirded out. All photos by Antonio unless otherwise specified and some are digital some are film.

Ophelia in a Meadham Kirchhoff bustier.

Antonio ran out of film so we switched to my camera (that I was testing and never used before) with his lens. I also got these processed at Asda so I may also change that as the quality is much much worse. (The photos in this post aren't chronological but these two above and a few others use my camera.)

By me and again, taken on my camera (above).

Photo below I appear to be pushing my jaw forward

(Taken by me and my crappy camera. Definitely switching back to my old one)

Mmmm and again these bottom two by me and on my camera.

Thanks for looking and do go over to Antonio's blog to look at his other stuff and to see these in a much better light.



  1. your photography and your face make me jealous - lol. Seriously loved this post ^.^

    niamh /

  2. The both of you are so dreamy! Your outfits are perfect and the pictures are just gorgeous!
    So many great things, so many compliments to make

  3. These photos are so so gorgeous <3 you both look stunning xx

  4. I love your hair! You both look super cute xox

  5. these are so perfect! your outfits are amazing <3

  6. so great! I'm so happy that I stumbled on your blog, you have great style! XX

  7. babe overload, you and Ophelia look gorgeous in these
    and i can't wait to see how your photography changes with your course

  8. You look really pretty in the pictures! I just love that first picture, looks like it's from a magazine

  9. Stunning photos. Love both of your looks x

  10. you always look so arty and chilled!!! and your hair is just yes