Wednesday, September 10, 2014

meandering back

Mmmmmmm I'm finally back after summer. I had a measly 6 weeks, the first 3 of which I moped around (and did some overtime at work in) before I went to Italy for a week followed by Reading festival the day after we landed back in the UK. I was then weirdly ill for a week after Reading so I wasn't even 1% productive then and now I'm suddenly back at school. However I'm itching to getting back to being more active here. Two rolls of  36 exp film to get developed and a few new clothes to be wearing will hopefully motivate me.

I also need to thank Ellie for sending me this top which is absolutely fab (though admittedly challenging to keep up, but I've persevered and worn it rather constantly despite that). She sent me a surprise envelope of cool stuff at the start of summer and I'm ever grateful.

These photos are from the other night when I went for pizza then to the cinema to see an advanced screening of the film 'Pride', which is about gay and lesbian activists supporting miners while they were on strike in 1984. It was very good and I would recommend. 

-candid- but had to crop my head because it's blurry

Top - Vintage I assume but a gift from Ellie
Skirt - One that half the population owns from Topshop
Belt - Rokit £12 and the most perfect belt I've ever owned
Random tote
Shoes - My new go to Doc Martens - 90s sample ones that were only once used on a photoshoot in London and never produced as a proper line and I love them so the £52 I splurged on them with is half justified
Primark pop socks

My head is down because I just got my roots done and I feel so weird with it bc it needs to calm down a bit with some regrowth (with my eyebrows it just looks a bit odd atm so better hide my face).

These are the same shoes as I've got on above but closer - they're basically leather slipper type docs with a bit of a platform.

I also wore this top with some red shorts from Topshop while in Venice. Above was in the restaurant we ate in the night of the day I got my AS results (by a horrific email) just off St Marks Square. We got the best food there and I still yearn for it now. Below is in a random street.



  1. Such a gorgeous outfit!! Hope you had an amazing summer xx

  2. Oh woah great top, what a nice gift! Sounds like a great summer but I know that feeling it's sorta nice that Autumn is coming it forces me to be more proactive about making work! X

  3. Cute top! Love these photos <3 xx

  4. I love the skirt you wore (even if half the population seems to have it), it looks great. The top Ellie picked out for you is perfect too <3

  5. Love this outfit - I want that skirt and top!

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  6. Obsessed with your outfit! That skirt is sooo pretty xx

  7. Love your outfit and super cute hair. :)

  8. eee I'm so pleased you like the top!! It looks so good on you! <3 xx

  9. Cool outfits!! Hope you had fun in Italy ^^

  10. Nice

  11. beautiful outfit, looove the skirt and hair looks fab x

  12. The shirt is just so good, and the shoooes. Everything goes so well together. I am v jealous. Also you have the loveliest hair and I like how you put it back. I wish I could do that.

  13. I recently went to venice too, it was amazing :) nice pics and outfit also