Sunday, February 19, 2012

Salutations, Welcomes and all the other necessary formalities

So i hand wrote the majority of this post, i hope it is physically possible decipher it! Anyway, briefly in my blog description, I say I am fourteen years old and living in England, which so happens to be very true! I go to a grammar school, read the dictionary for fun and spend weekends sifting through piles of clothes as tall as the magical piles of books in flourish and blotts that smell of musky cats in charity shops- occasionally i find a gem, which I usually squeal about before buying, washing and wearing. I sell some of these musky smelling clothes online and spend the rest of my time avoiding homework and doing really uninteresting things.

I must add, I seem to be incapable of scanning, otherwise that is how i would have uploaded these pictures. I must learn. Wish me well.


  1. Nice post, I also spend the majority of my free time going through all the charity shops my town has to offer! Congratulations on your new blog! Thankyou for following me, I'm following you!x I'm just going to say this though you migh want to get a google friend connect widget?

    All the best, Rose x

  2. Charity shops are fabulous aren't they! Thank you for the advice, i was thinking about putting one on tonight so you've removed by wariness! Thanks for visiting my new blog and following! x