Friday, February 17, 2012

Taking Heed

So after much deliberation, consideration and inspiration (or any other 'ions' you may wish to add to that delightful list), I have decided to take heed and create a brand new blog. My reasons for doing so are as follows. First of all, I believe I have grown up and changed a lot since I kept my old blog, and I ran out of motivation to write it very often. Here I want to write more concise, frequent and interesting posts, I don't know how well this will go though so pls don't hold me to it.

I want to look at my blog and be proud of it, as with my old one I kind of wasn't really. I'll post pictures I will have taken, general ramblings of life i guess, daily outfits and outbursts of arbitrary (woo vocabulary!!) creativity. So please join me in my pilgrimage/odyssey/quest of felicity (woo vocabulary!!!)


  1. good luck with the new blog venture :)

  2. Ha! when I originally saw this post I thought it said "talking head". I'm so dim sometimes. Bon chance with your blog, I'll be following :)

  3. oh gosh hahah no! amd thank you, i'll have a look at yours now:-) x