Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty Petals and Lovely Lace

So spring is in the process of arriving and flowers are blossoming once more. I much prefer spring to winter, the longer nights and daylight hours are far more desirable, however I always find myself longing for winter during the summery warmer months. I think the idea of winter is better than winter itself, but I am very inspired during the darker colder months of the year because you're forced inside a lot of the time leaving you just with your own mind to ponder things that usually wouldn't even enter the realms of your head.

In English we have been watching pride and prejudice, the dresses are beautiful. They have empire waistlines, use fantastic fabrics and wear BONNETS. What could they do better?

This screen-cap above I particularly like, the bouquets as well as the veils and lace dresses are just amazing. Jennifer Ehle is Elizabeth, and I really envy her beauty. So this spring I really wish to find myself a Gunne Sax full length lace dress from Etsy to parade around in, sharpish. I have already found a bouquet, and need to have a hunt around the textiles rooms at school for some lace fabric remnants for the veil. Lace is so perfect in every way and ever so elegant making it lovely for spring, and the flowers again remind me of spring.

I keep getting off of my bike during my paper round to pick up the odd unfortunate flower that has fallen to the floor (and cough, taking them from unsuspecting old ladies' gardens, so local elderly population, I formally apologise!) I've built up quite the collection of petals, wilting roses and specks of pollen. This is what I've been doing with them though. I decided to try flower pressing and putting the finished result in little photo frames to prop around my room, as well as the odd empty one for additional mystery.

How to flower press:
1) Put the said flowers in the microwave for a couple of minutes (or if your mother is living in the 19th century like mine, and you don't own one, the oven for 10 minutes on 60 degrees) to dry them out.
2) Arrange the flowers how you would like them to look. The main idea is just to play around with the petals, discard of the less attractive wilting foliage and achieve spiritual well being. I made up the last part but I ran out of things to list. Oh, and don't throw the petals away just yet!
3) Find a big heavy book. I used a children's encyclopaedia from the 70's. The days before the internet when people actually learnt from books, and place your arrangements inside the pages.
4) Leave the book somewhere dry, possibly under another weight, perhaps warm, and wait.
5) Et Voila, do whatever you please with your pressed flowers!

Some flowers, unpressed:


It's really not difficult, and has great (sometimes sporadic) results. I thought of it because my mum had her wedding bouquet flower pressed. It is a really beautiful bouquet. She got married in the 80's, oh the joy of yesteryear.

I put all of my frames on my wall, and I plan to do more!

Thank You for reading this, I really love comments so don't be afraid to talk to me! 


  1. hi :) im so glad that i looked at your old blog today, because i saw that you switched it over to here! and i loved your other one, so im excited to read more. your style is so lovely xox

  2. Aw hello! I remember you! Thank you for following this one and that's the biggest compliment I could ever receive so thank you again ☺