Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bedazzling Denim

Double denim, patches, permed hair and sequins, isn't the picture below just the epitome of the 1980s? Well since December I've thought double denim would emerge as a trend this year, I keep notes on my phone about fashion and outfits because i'm just odd like that and my first note was on christmas day when I got my new phone (which i love by the way), and I 'noted' double denim as something I definitely want to wear so in January I bought acid wash Jeans from Etsy and I went to London in February and bought lots of clothes including an acid wash jacket.

These jackets are just fantastic, I have no idea what the picture is from but GAH i'm in love with it.. I've put some patches on my jacket and i've got these from Etsy also, to add:

but this picture above inspires me to go even further and bedazzle the darn thing.

So this is what I wore the other day, embarrassing picture I'm aware.

I'm on the right here^

And a picture on a film camera my sister took.

Coincidentally, I also watched the Meadham Kirchhoff show at London Fashion Week for Autumn 2012, and there was a lot of patched and badged denim. I love Meadham Kirchhoff ok, if you haven't heard of them heard straight to google my sir.

Thanks for reading, and there won't be such a large gap between this and my next post, I've been making a new journal out of a science book and I'm really enjoying making it, and I'll post about it probably next Thursday because I get back from Iceland then (I'm leaving on Saturday- It's a school trip) and post pictures and things the If I can get them developed during Thursday because I'm taking my new Adox Polo camera that I bought for £4, two disposable cameras and a Canon film camera as well as a digital dslr. I'm really excited and I have all my Icelandic Krona sorted because I'm organised in that way. (two days before she says).

Have a nice Easter!

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