Saturday, April 21, 2012

The trees, like lungs, filling with air. My sister - the mean one,pulling my hair

I returned from Iceland two weeks ago, and I haven't blogged since my arrival, for a few reasons; the first being I have no sense of commitment, whatsoever, and the second is that I haven't even gotten all of my pictures developed yet, and possibly, a third being that I would probably cry in the process of writing because I want to go back. Iceland is a great country and everyone should experience the eggy air, glorious geysers and sporadic rain (slight sarcasm intended).  So in the meantime I'm just going to gush to the world about flowers crowns and spring, and gingham.

So I was meant to be revising and well, I didn't really feel inclined to do so and began, armed with a glue gun and bunches upon bunches of fake flowers that I have somehow accumulated over the years and crafted two flower crowns.

IT IS FLOWER CROWN SEASON! And i hope to wear them with flowing lace dresses, carrying wicker baskets and cycling round my town minding my own petty business.

Oh, and gingham, I am adoring gingham at this present moment in time (and houndstooth/dogtooth/checkered things). My love stemmed from seeing a skirt in 'What Alice Found' in Boscombe a few weeks ago, it reminded me of Grease and how much I would have liked to have been a pink lady but that is a separate matter, and for the rest of my trip round Boscombe I was thinking about it, saying every ten minutes something related to it's beauty - but unfortunately it was too big, a size 54 (exaggeration) or something like that as all good vintage clothes obviously have to be, it's like a rule, and I'm a size 4.. so since then I've been sporadically searching Etsy for some gingham garment of some description, along with plenty of other fabulous outfit components I am longing for, including,

Saddle/Bowling shoes
Ringer T-Shirts
Mary Quant Tights
Gothic skirts
Tennis skirts
Awkward 70s platforms
Astronomical instruments
Tacky 80s gold jewellery
Witchy boots
Twin peaks style skirts
Duckie style tweed trousers

If only money weren't such a hindrance but oh well.

Apologies about the ink stain on my hand, my numerous fountain pens are very precariously explosive.


So from this, I hope you decide for yourself to make flower headbands and other crafts as such, and that Etsy is an utter minefield for great clothes. Good day!

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