Sunday, April 22, 2012

Would you care to sit with me, for a cup of English tea?

That lyric is from the song english tea incase you didn't know which is in the playlist I listen to while doing art homework (to prevent me from going COMPLETELY insane) which I have been doing for the entirety of today. Hurrah for school work!

So when I awoke from my slumber this morning and eventually stumbled out of bed, I faced the daily challenge of choosing what to wear, and this process can take anything from a few minutes to multiple hours.

Although, I found a remnant of a lace curtain in our fabric chest downstairs and hacked it into two separate pieces, one of which I am wearing as a shawl and the other as a skirt, with an emerald green velvet dress from the 1960s that I bought a year and a half ago and a rosary necklace from Ebay that has already required fixing three times. Never trust cheap jewellery children.

And alas, I did do one other thing today except the art homework, however it isn't yet finished and I will blog about that on Wednesday night! Thank You for reading!


  1. Honey you are gorgeous! Killing it stylistically, going to follow xxxx

  2. Thank you! That's such a compliment! Sorry about the late reply, I forget people may actually read what I have to say and don't remember to check the comments!