Friday, April 27, 2012

Proprietar of pity

I had today off of school because the exams we've been doing over the past two weeks, for me, have finished, which is marvellous.

However to tell you the truth, I am in a very pensive, somewhat morose mood and I was so tired yesterday i actually fell asleep after school, and after faffing around after my art exam and organising dofe stuff, this resulted in me doing my paper round late and waking up this morning to a lovely answer message from the paper round company saying they've had two complaints (due to the lateness), which is oh so fantastic and i've been feeling awful all day because i hate to disappoint people but that's another story that you have no interest in.

Today I wore a broderie anglaise ensemble, believe it or not I'm wearing a top and a skirt (it looks like a dress), they just match well. The top, my mum gave me last week and the skirt I made in textiles and is made of panels of material from the 19th century or something (you see my textiles teacher tends to just give me stuff nobody else wants which is absolutely fab in my eyes) it isn't even finished and has threads hanging down but I wanted to wear it and so I did. The bag was from a car boot sale for 20p about three years ago and I was having a lengthy debate in my head as whether to buy it at the time, i was like 11 so money was scarce, he reduced it from £1.50 and I did invest, ecstatic i did in the end- it reminds me of a celtic swedish person, if they exist,- so the entire outfit came to 20p, extortionate, wouldn't you agree? My dad called me a nurse from 1902 when he saw me so I deem my outfit a success. Oh and I saw this corrugated green iron a few weeks ago in my garden and I've wanted to take pictures in front of it since so here we are.

I would have put my hair in milkmaid braids as I wore it to school like that for a couple of days about a month ago, but all of those kirby grips and hairbands stress me out to the nth degree.

I felt awkward because well I'm an awkward person and that's why I am biting my nails which is a disgusting habit that I must stop.

You can't really see but I have worn two watches since summer last year and it feels odd with one now so yes, I actually want a third because I prefer odd numbers to even but that may be pushing my watch wearing capacities to the limit.

So now I'm off to write an apology letter to the houses on my paper round, weep in the process, write and collage in my journal (yes I am one of those people) which I have neglected recently, and attempt to finish my cross stitch of a silhouette, something I've been learning to do that has led me to believe that I am now a dignified domestic goddess.

Have a wondrous weekend!


  1. You look so nice, I love the bag especially.

    I love the way you write, it's so eloquent.


  2. Thank You ever so much, and sorry about the late reply, I forget people may actually have interest in what I have to say and don't check comments!


  3. this outfit is so pretty!
    love it:)