Monday, August 06, 2012

An ode to August

How it's August already is unbeknown to me, time flies far too rapidly, I'm not ready to grow up and be full swing into my GCSE's next year which are like serious business. I have been on holiday and returned though, I went to Malta which was scrupulously hot, but it was pretty none the less which meant I could ignore the fact I was otherwise dying to pause and admire the foreign surroundings, and we also went snorkelling which was the best experience ever in spite of imbibing far too great a quantity of salty seawater which did lead to indiscriminate spluttering all the while trying to keep yourself afloat (and all together causing a raucous and looking rather too attractive for your own good).

I read the perks of being a wallflower (original i know) and spent the majority of my money on maxibons, but I did buy a few typical tourist souvenir-y things too.

When I finished my book I didn't really have much to do in the room in the evening, there was a TV with minimal amounts of channels available and despite the Olympics on German Eurosport ceaselessly being shown (and being watched by my father, and no, Malta isn't in Germany), it is tiring having to listen to commentary in a different language or similarly, watch BBC world news (in English this time) repeating the same news stories monotonously for 5 hours or so. To obtain wi-fi, I had to sit at the foot of the door of the room where the ground was just cold, callous tiles, I could reside no where else otherwise it would disappear, and despite eventually coming to the realisation I could drag a chair to be situated at this exact point of the expanse to be all ~connected to civilization~, it gave me backache so I gave up with that. I used the free paper supplied by the snazzy 5 star hotel and a pen my mother had in the humongous beach bag she lugged round all day everyday to attempt to write, because I think it is a dying art, it's sad it's regarded as nerdy to read even in a public place, and I've wanted to use all these words I've been learning (It's my summer project to learn a word a day). I've scanned what I ended up with below, and the new journal in which I shall try to endeavour to continue creative writing in. I'm giving 'extra large' pictures a spin.

I moved stuff around in my room and bought a red 70s suitcase yesterday which this is all spilling out of/inside.
I'm aware that my watch thing sticks out and it's annoying.
 So I mentioned I moved things around in my room a bit, partially because having a Tumblr has inspired me to do so, partly because I wanted to do something before I had Tumblr (it was on my summer project list that I made beforehand), and partly because my mum, and I quote told me this morning "Hollie, you need to tidy your room, it looks like it's in one of those hoarders programmes". I swear it isn't that bad.

I'm trying to sort out some links to my Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and other social network-y things on the side of my blog which I shall add soon if you want to come and stalk me elsewhere.

Here are some old pictures that I bought yesterday at a car boot that are sort of relevant to the writing you know.

The top one here is my favourite. It looks like some sort of victorian play, they are dressed up all ethereal and elfen, like pixies and faeries but it's eery too because of the age of the picture. Basically I love it.

Sorry if you looked at those and some gave you neck-ache; i tried scanning individually but it took forever and I was going to crop them and save them so they were all individual files but I haven't got round to it.

Thank you for reading/being here/following!



  1. your room looks so cool!! can we have more pics..?;D i love your writing too and how you decorated the book. great post, love everything! also, what is your tumblr? could you tell me on instagram (@maya_autumn) because i probably won't see it if you write it here:)

  2. That learn a new word everyday is really working!! This post sounds so intelligent, or maybe you were just completely awesome to begin with! I love your handwriting, its so curly. Also, I wish my room was like yours. It seems so cool

    1. I know it's really expanding my vocabulary! Some posts I do put more effort into writing wise because it's fun to link words nicely and structure sentences (do i sound really loserish i dont know) but I've always liked English! Ha thanks, I forced myself into changing my handwriting september last year, and it actually worked and I literally can't go back now, I never thought it would stick. Thank you! I've been re arranging a lot of junk recently you'd be amazed at how you can re arrange it to look cooler than you thought you could, give it a go! :):)