Sunday, August 19, 2012

Celestial Vomit

I've been interested in celestial stuff recently, as in stars and moons and planets, even gemstones and anything with glittery, paisley, witchy/cosmic vibes, so there's a lot to fit in. I bought two old 90s copies of  the National Geographic on a whim from EBay for something like £2 for both and one had a spread with stars and glittery light it's cool.  There are gazillions of copies of the National Geographic on EBay so go and creep on them yourself; I've been visiting the library at school companion-less to admire the pictures in them, and I have attempted to photocopy them but at school there is just one solitary black and white photocopier so you can't appreciate the marvellous pictures in full colour. Anyway, I have some of my own now so I can photocopy them at my leisure and cut them up as I please. I also dug out heaps upon heaps of old Sugar or Shout magazines to annihilate with the scissors I wield. That sounds exaggerated but the magazines really are massacred once I am done with them. That sounds bad too, but there's a gist I hope you can detect in there, somewhere perhaps.

I also found glow in the dark space stickers in paperchase for a pound which are rockets and planets with rings and stars and moons which I bought. 

I had a sort of outfit that I wore last week that combined space-y sort of stuff and I did photograph it but the pictures didn't develop - darn you film. 

These pictures are from my Instagram of that day though.

This is in my room which I have changed round loads recently and  when I've fully finished it which I plan to have done by the end of tomorrow I'll post about that but this is basically 3 gemstones I ought at Moors Valley probably when I was 5 or 6. They were out of those machines where you insert a pound and it's like lucky dip which one it dispenses (I'm not the only person in the world who knows about these machines am i?)  I can't believe I haven't lost them to be honest. Then there's the green bottle which annoyingly has it's cork stuck in the neck of it, and a candle and the corner of my 70s mirror I got for £2 that my mum despises but 'understands why i like it' which makes no sense. Then a tiny bit of my Lula record, a grannyish photoframe, the refection in the mirror,a rose garland I made myself and lace to cover my radiator.

These show my Mary Quant moon and star stockings I got from EBay and glittery tights from Accessorize for 50p I wore underneath with them. I think they should make a pair of tights that are glittery and feature moons and stars so I don't have to intermittently yank up the stockings because they did fall down often, and to avoid mocking by my father for wearing two layers of tights on a hot day. The red ring was from a car boot sale for £2 and the amethyst one was my grandma's in the 1960s that she has entrusted in my possession. The shoes are my school shoes but the most witchy I own. They're high heeled and everything and cost £1.99 from EBay.

I'm about to update the side and design of my blog too so hopefully it will look better, there'll be links and everything, how snazzy.

Thank you for reading and hello new followers!

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