Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You, you may say i'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

Today is the first day in a week I've ventured out of the house for reasons other than to do my paper round (that I complete for a measly £1.50 a day). I went to get a disposable camera developed that I've carried round with me since March time. I have found beforehand that I would buy a disposable camera and use all the exposures within 24 hours, then get it developed and not be all too happy with the results, so I decided to take longer to use them all which definitely works for me. I do have actual film cameras but I find them quite sporadic in when they decide to work, or maybe it's just me, also disposables are easier to carry and I like the point and shoot aspect.

I have been making the odd thing though like patches and those plastic bead things that you iron together to decorate folders and my locker with. Decorating folders is sort of a summer holiday tradition for me, I've done it two summers on the trot now so I'm going to keep it up because the ones I cover in fabric tend to disintegrate after a year of school so I need to re do them. I have a couple from year 10 I can use in year 11 though. People always comment on them and it's cool to have something aesthetically beautiful on your desk to admire during a tedious lesson of any description, and all the teachers call them 'pretty' and stuff or just look confused, which is perfectly acceptable, so I'll do that next week.

These are just the photos from today because otherwise there are far too many and they wouldn't be chronological or relevant.

They were all taken on my paper round this morning, as you see, after one and a half years of it I have chosen my favourite houses and analysed a lot of them, too. The two I got my sister to take pictures of me in front of have lovely white picket fences and flowers and are lovely and pretty. I hope they didn't see me taking the pictures.

My sister's arms.

My feet. I know the picture above this sort of looks like a continuation of this but it's actually two different houses - I just lack poses.

Is this too Intrusive I hope this isn't intrusive?

 This wasn't intended to be an ~outfit post~ but you can see my clothes so the Starsky and Hutch t shirt was from Etsy for £16 and I made/altered the trousers which were originally St Michael's but I bought them from the Salvation Army for 50p with my nifty volunteer-ee discount. They were a size 16 and straight legged and I literally cut them up and remade them using the fabric so really I sort of made them - in one night may I add; I am proud of this. I wore this outfit back in June for a Geography trip to the beach and felt uninspired today so donned it again. I was going for black, white and red vibes but the pink flowers within these trample all over that so just pretend they are red too.

These pictures are to emphasise my love for picket fences and flowers.

Opening scene to Blue Velvet vibes.

This was in a folder called 'Puke' on my computer so I don't have the source.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!


  1. hi hollie! I don't know if you got my message on tumblr, (I'm tumbleweedandporcelaine) but I just LOVEEE your blog and your style and you music taste and your hair so I wanted to talk to you :P I'm akward talking to people I don't know so I'll stop now. okay. bye. x

    1. Hello! Yes I did and I love your Tumblr! Aw thank you and don't be awkward I love people talking to be and commenting here! ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

  2. I had to comment just because you used year 10 and year 11 - because I'm originally from NZ (yes, the colonies, I know :P) and I feel weirdly homesick when people use those terms because being in the US for college means all I hear is freshman this sophomore that. Those DIY pants are kind of awesome - if I could do that myself I would totally thrift more than just kimono blazers that look like grandma furniture coverings.


    1. Aw I totally don't understand those freshman/junior/sophomore terms they make no sense to me whatsoever! Haha thank you, to be honest it's the only time I've done it so I should probably endeavour to alter more garments as I leave so many beautiful things in charity/thrift shops because they're the mandatory size 22!

  3. Hi, I love your blog and all your outfits - they're just so cool!
    And I don't think it's very intrusive (sort of...) to take photos of peoples houses, I used to do it to this one immensely beautiful house in particular in Croatia until they got their security guard to stand out front... So I've kind of been scared lately to do it...
    I would love it if you maybe checked out my blog sometime and followed it if you liked it? Thanks :)

    PS You altered those trousers yourself?! That is insane :)

    1. Thank you! Oh wow must have been owned by someone very affluent to be in need of a security guard and a huge beautiful house too, I'm guilty of doing it loads probably due to my mum, literally if we go on a walk somewhere she will look in and at every single house we pass! I visit all the links left so I will do!

      PS thank you!

    2. Thank goodness, I thought my mum was the only one who did that, I feel slightly more normal now. And yes, I gather it was somebody very affluent - they even had those flashing lights, that police cars have, on their gates, talk about privacy...

  4. For some reason I find the fact that you work at Salvos and do paper rounds extremely awesome. Your outfit is very excellent indeed, especially your pants:)
    ps: good idea with decorating your books, I like confusing teachers.
    pps: I love HOLE!!

    1. I thought the idea of paper rounds deemed idyllic too before I got one, the reality of them is not quite what I anticipated (I think american movies where you cycle past and throw the paper fabricated this, whereas I actually have to get off of my bike. Who knew. It's really quite banal! Thank you!

      And confusing teachers is definitely one of the perks in life!

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